Organization Ideas for the Bathroom

organization ideas for the bathroom

Doesn’t everyone need some organization ideas for the bathroom? Don’t we all hate it when we can’t find what we need in the bathroom early in the morning? This is why it is so important to have an organized bathroom. It makes our morning routine smoother and makes cleaning a lot easier.

As a bonus, we get some extra time to relax. Also, do not worry; it is not essential to have a large and luxurious bathroom to make it efficiently organized. With a few smart tips and tricks, you can easily organize your bathroom. Continue reading this article to know some organization ideas for the bathroom. If you have a particularly small bathroom, there are some great bathroom organization ideas for small bathrooms here.

Gather what you will need.

Before you start decluttering your bathroom to clean and organize it, make sure you have all you need. Some must-haves for bathroom organization are all-purpose cleaning products, paper towels, cleaning wipes, and trash bags.

You may want to add a few more storing units or cabinets such as shelves or baskets. If you wish to add this additional storage, ensure that you have those ready. You can then determine which products to put where so that they will be more accessible and easy for you to use according to where you store them.

Look for the organizers that help you maximize your bathroom space. Also, keep in mind that these organizers should help you to quickly find the stuff that you need instead of making it more difficult.

Do not buy things just because they look beautiful. If they don’t end up fitting in your bathroom or making things easier for you to find, they are of no use.

Before you start, declutter the area.

We all have things in our bathroom that are results of our impulse buying, and more often than not, those things end up sitting on the shelves without ever being used. It is time you get rid of them. Remove all the items that you do not need. Since bathrooms are usually not large spaces, it is vital to have only stuff that you need and use in it.

Completely empty all the cabinets in your bathroom. Check the expiration dates of the products, and if something is past its date, it is time to toss it in the trash. Get rid of miscellaneous things that don’t belong in the bathroom. After you’re done emptying your bathroom, clean every corner of it thoroughly with cleansing wipes and cleaners.

organization ideas for the bathroom


If you can’t decide what you should keep and what you should throw out, here are some questions that you need to ask yourself while getting rid of stuff- Is this extra? Would I use it if I bought it today? Will I save some space if I remove this time? These questions will help you make your mind.

Avoid storing medicines in your bathroom cabinet because high heat and humidity may cause damage to those medicines.

Next, organize your space.

After you have decluttered your bathroom and gotten rid of all the stuff that you do not need, it is time to organize your bathroom and put everything in its place.

Organizing the cabinets- Most bathrooms have cabinets above and below the sink. How much you can store in these cabinets depends on their size. It is therefore advisable to store essential items such as antiseptics, dental floss, mouthwashes, etc. in the cabinets above the sink. Cabinets under the sink always serve as an excellent location for cleaning supplies such as cleaners, sponges, etc.

Organizing the drawers- Bathroom drawers are the places where we usually end up shoving the most amount of junk and unnecessary items. If you have lots of drawers in your bathroom, that is great. However, that does not mean that you fill them with whatever you have and can.

Using drawer dividers is also a great idea. There are adjustable drawers available that you can use so that you have more flexibility. Always use the top drawers for the items that you use daily. As mentioned earlier, do not stuff the drawers just for the sake of using them. Designate drawers for specific categories of things such as toiletries, makeup, etc.

Organizing the vanity- If you prefer to get done with all of your morning routine inside the bathroom, you will want to keep your vanity clean. Try to keep as few items on the countertop as possible because a crowded countertop gives the impression of a messy bathroom.

Utilizing wall space- Instead of piling towels on the counters or shelves, install hooks on the bathroom walls or the back of your bathroom door. Thus, it saves space on your counters and shelves and ensures that your towels have a designated area.


If your bathroom does not have enough cabinets or drawers, try to utilize your bathroom’s vertical space as much as possible. You can use this for floating shelves, or a store-bought shelving unit.

When you are organizing things on a countertop, make sure they are kept closest to where they are used. For example, hand wash or soap should be kept right next to the sink

You can also install shelves above the commode to store extra rolls of toilet paper or extra hand towels.

Label your drawers or baskets as they make it easier for everyone to find what they are looking for. You can print them or hand-write them as per whatever you prefer.

You can also store items on the inside doors of the cabinets provided that the cabinets are big enough. For this, attach bins to the door and store whatever you want.


By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily organize your bathroom in a manner that works for you and you are comfortable with. However, cleaning and organizing also demand maintenance in the future.

Remember to put the items back from where you store them. You are sure to get confused if you do not keep things in their proper designated places. Purchase a new item only when you need a new one. These tips will help you organize your bathroom and save a lot of your storage space and time. You can also follow the tips in our article on how to get organized and stay that way for more great ideas. For some quick wins in the organization area, try these 11 organization hacks that are easy to implement.

organization ideas for the bathroom

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