Cross Outlines Printables – for Coloring Pages, Stencils & More

Get these cross outlines printables. These are all free printables that you can download and print out several different cross designs for projects, crafts, activities, a unique set of coloring pages, to make a cross themed coloring book and more.

Cross Outlines Printables for Coloring Pages, Stencils & More

There are a total of ten pages. The first of the printable collection of cross outlines and templates are six different large cross designs. These are perfect to use as free printable cross coloring pages for kids. Some have more intricate detailing that make them even great coloring pages for adults or older kids.

Then, there is a basic medium-sized cross printables (four on the page). These make great cross stencils for different projects that you may have.

There is also a page of the small cross outlines where there are eight on a page. Use these for templates, craft projects, DIY decorations, and cross stencils.

Finally, there is a page of small blue crosses and a page of small pink crosses. You can cut these out and use them to make decorations or as part of crafts or favors. They are great for events such as baptisms, first holy communions, or confirmations or any other special occasion. Use them for decorations for church events or activities. Your imagination only limits the possibilities.

If you are looking for other colors, you can use the crosses as stencils and cut them out of paper in other various colors.

Download the Cross Outlines Printables

To download all nine pages of the cross outlines, enter your email address in the space provided below. Then check your inbox for an email that will contain a link to the nine-page PDF printable file of the cross outlines.

    If you would like to download the individual PDF files of the cross outline pages, click the link below the picture of the coloring sheet you would like to download.  You will be taken directly to the PDF file of that page. All of the links take you to the same page shown only in PDF format suitable for printing.

    Cross Outline – Page 1

    Cross Outline

    Click here to download this cross outline.

    Large Cross Outlines – Page 2

    Large Cross Outlines

    Download these large cross outlines here.

    Large Cross Template – Page 3

    Large Cross Template

    Click here to download this large cross template.

    Large Cross Coloring Page – Page 4

    Large Cross Coloring Page

    Download this large cross coloring page.

    Large Cross Coloring Page – Page 5

    Large Cross Coloring Page

    Click here to download this large cross coloring page.

    Large Cross Coloring Page – Page 6

    Large Cross Coloring Page

    Download this large cross coloring page here.

    Medium Cross Outlines – Page 7

    Medium Cross Outlines

    Click here to download the medium cross outlines.

    Small Cross Outlines – Page 8

    Small Cross Outlines

    Download the small cross outlines here.

    Small Pink Cross Templates – Page 9

    Small Pink Cross Templates

    Click here to download the small pink cross templates.

    Small Blue Cross Templates – Page 10

    Small Blue Cross Templates

    Download the small blue cross templates here.

    You can also use these cross outlines printables for Easter decorations, Easter coloring pages, Easter crafts, kids’ activities, and more.

    There are many Easter printables on this site that you can get as well. You can see all of the Easter printables here. Specifically, if you like these cross outlines to use for craft projects, decorations, activities, stencils, and coloring page, you may also like these egg shape templates and outlines.

    Please note these printables are for personal use only. You do not have permission to sell them for profit or claim them as your own design.

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