Blank Coupon Templates – Free Printables

Making a coupon booklet as a unique and special gift for someone is an inexpensive and thoughtful gift that you can give to anyone. You can use any of the blank coupon templates below and fill them in with whatever you would like.  

Blank Coupon Templates - Free Printables

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These blank coupon templates are meant for you to fill in with your own ideas. There are several other printable coupons on this site if you are looking for coupons that already have things printed on them. There are links to all of those at the bottom of this post.

Ideas for Things to Put on the Blank Coupon Templates

This will, of course, depend on who you will give the coupons to, but here are some ideas of things you can write on them.

For Spouses or Significant Others:

  1. Breakfast in Bed
  2. Date Night
  3. Movie Night
  4. A Massage
  5. A Candlelit Dinner
  6. Sleep in the Morning of Your Choice
  7. Laundry Done
  8. Kids’ Lunches Packed
  9. One Foot Rub
  10. A Day of “You” Time
  11. Chore Done of Your Choice
  12. Take Garbage Out

For Kids:

  1.  Stay Up 30 Minutes Past Bedtime
  2. Don’t Have To Do One Chore
  3. Family Movie Night
  4. Your Favorite Home Cooked Meal
  5. Family Game Night
  6. One Trip for Ice Cream
  7. One Trip to the Playground
  8. One New Book
  9. One Cookie Making Session
  10. Your Choice of TV Show
  11. One Sled Riding Trip
  12. One Play Date
  13. 30 Extra Minutes of Video Game Time
  14. Outdoor Game of Your Choice
  15. Trip to the Movie Theater
  16. Dinner at the Restaurant of Your Choice
  17. Indoor Craft or Activity
  18. One Item at the Grocery Store

You get the idea. These are just some of the things that you can write in the blank coupon templates. Pick the design you like best from the choices below. Print out as many copies as you need to make your coupon book. You can also fill in the coupons and place them in a card if you wish or use them as stocking stuffers. The possibilities are endless.

How to Make a Coupon Book

A very easy way to make a coupon book with these coupons is to cut them out with a paper trimmer like this one so you will have a nice straight edge. Then you can staple them together. This will work fine if you do not have a lot of coupons in your book, so it is not very thick.  

If you have several coupons that you want to make into a booklet, or if you wish for the booklet to be a bit fancier, you can follow the directions below.

  1.  Cut the coupons out with a paper trimmer like this. Make sure that you leave the white area to the left of the coupons intact. You will not want to cut the white area off but leave it there for the next step.
  2. Punch a hole at the top and bottom of the white area that you left on the left side of the coupons.
  3. Thread some ribbon through the holes going from the front of the coupons to the back of the coupons, then cross the ribbon and thread it back through the holes from the back to the front.
  4. Tie the ribbon in a bow. You can use a material ribbon like this, or you can use a paper ribbon like this. Either one will work just fine. You can see the picture below to see how this looks when it is finished. The example below is for a Mother’s Day coupon book, but it will work the same no matter what the occasion.
coupon book

There are blank coupon templates below that are more neutral and can be used for any occasion. Then there are some that are perfect for specific holidays. (These can also be used for other occasions as you will be cutting the page’s title off, and it will not appear anywhere on your coupons or coupon booklet.)

Download the Blank Coupon Templates PDFs

To download all of the blank coupon templates, enter your email address in the space provided below. Then, check your inbox for an email from us that will contain a link to the PDF print version containing all ten pages of the blank coupon templates.

    If you would like to download an individual PDF page of the blank coupon templates, click the link below the picture of the design that you would like to download.

    Design 1

    Blank Coupon Templates - Design 1

    Click here to download design 1.

    Design 2

    Blank Coupon Templates - Design 2

    Download design 2 here.

    Design 3

    Blank Coupon Template - Design 3

    Click here to download design 3.

    Design 4

    Blank Valentine's Day Coupon Template

    Download design 4 here.

    Design 5

    Father's Day Blank Coupon Template

    Click here to download design 5.

    Design 6

    Mother's Day Blank Coupon template

    Download design 6 here.

    Design 7 

    Blank Birthday Coupon Template

    Click here to download design 7.

    Design 8

    Blank Birthday Coupon Template

    Download design 8 here.

    Design 9

    Blank Christmas Coupon Template for Kids

    Click here to download design 9.

    Design 10

    Blank Christmas Coupon Template for Adults

    Download design 10 here.

    Other Coupon Templates You Might Like

    There are several other printable coupon templates on this site.

    Here you can find the ever-popular Valentine’s Day coupon templates. There are pre-filled in coupons for adults and kids. You can also get some cover pages to help make your coupon booklet.

    There are some Christmas coupon templates here. These are perfect for putting in kids’ or adults’ stockings as stocking stuffers. There are pre-filled in coupons for kids and adults as well as cover pages for your coupon booklet.

    Similarly, there are coupon templates for Mother’s Day here. These make a great DIY gift idea for Moms for Mother’s Day. There are coupons for mom from kids and coupons for mom from a spouse or significant other.

    And, of course, we can’t forget Dad! Just like the coupons for Mom, there are coupon templates for Father’s Day here. Again, there are coupons for Dad from kids and coupons for Dad from a spouse or significant other.

    Finally, there are some birthday coupon templates here. These make great DIY birthday gifts for kids and adults alike. There are pre-filled coupons for kids’ birthdays and adult birthdays.

    Please note these printables are for personal use only. You do not have permission to sell them for profit or claim them as your own design.

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