Free Printable Valentine Coupons for Kids and Adults

Get these free printable Valentine coupons. There are printable coupons for kids and coupons for adults. Print them out, cut them out, and give them to someone as a Valentine’s Day gift. Who wouldn’t love receiving these coupons that can be redeemed for different activities and items?

If you are looking for Valentine’s day gift ideas, these printable Valentine’s day coupons will be a great choice. They are fun homemade gifts for kids and adults alike. You can put them inside a Valentine’s day card. Also, you can staple them together to create a coupon book with them.

Free Printable Valentine Coupons for Kids and Adults

Make a Coupon Booklet

If you don’t want to staple them together, to create the coupon book. Here is a better way to create your love coupon book. You can cut them leaving the white space in tact to the left of each coupon. Then you can use a hole punch to punch two holes in the white area to the left of the coupon. Next, thread some pink, red or white ribbon through the holes and tie the ribbon in a bow. That looks a bit nicer than just stapling them into a coupon book. You can see how this looks in the picture below.

Valentine Coupons Book

If you have a paper cutter or paper trimmer, that will be the easiest way to cut them out. But if you don’t have one, scissors will also do if that is all you have.

These coupon book gifts are a perfect idea if you do not have money to spend on Valentine’s day. You will want to focus more on the ones that do not cost any money. You can always fill the blank coupons in with more free things to do.

Cover Page for the Valentine’s Day Coupon Book

If you are creating the Valentine’s Day coupon booklet, you will need a cover page. Here is a page of six different designs that you can choose from. They will all work for either kids or adults. Click the link below the picture to download the cover page for the booklet.

Valentine's Day Coupon Book Cover Pages

Click to download the PDF of the cover pages for the Valentine coupon booklet

Free Printable Valentine Coupons for Kids

There are three different sheets of six printable Valentine’s day coupons, each for parents to print and give to their kids. That is a total of 18 different coupons to choose from that kids can redeem. If there is a particular activity or item that you don’t want to include, throw that one away after cutting out the others. 

The first page includes coupons to stay up past bedtime, skipping a chore, family movie night, family game night, a favorite home-cooked meal, and a trip for ice cream. Just click the link below the picture to download the PDF of these coupons.

Valentine's Day Coupons for Kids - Page 1

Download these Valentine Coupons for Kids – Page 1

The second page has coupons for a trip to the playground, a new book, one cookie-making session, a play date, a choice of a TV show, and a sled riding trip. You can click the link below the picture to download this page of coupons.

Valentine's Day Coupons for Kids - Page 2

Click here to download these Valentine Coupons for Kids – Page 2

The third page includes coupons for 30 extra minutes of video game time, an outdoor game, an indoor activity, a trip to the movie theater, dinner at the restaurant of their choice, and an item at the grocery store. Click the link below the picture of these coupons to download the printable PDF of page 3.

Valentine Coupons for Kids - Page 3

Download these Valentine’s Day Coupons for Kids – Page 3

Some of these may not apply to everyone. For example, if you live in Florida, you probably don’t want to give your kids the coupon that says “Redeem for one sled riding trip.” Just look through them and choose the ones you like and discard the rest. There is also a sheet of blank coupons below that you can print out. Fill it in yourself with your creative ideas!

Free Printable Valentine Coupons for Adults

There is one sheet of printable love coupons for adults. You can then print out the blank coupons to fill in yourself with your coupon ideas specific to your significant other. The pre-printed coupons include coupons for breakfast in bed, a candlelit dinner, a massage, a date night, a movie night, and a sleep in for a morning coupon. These can be used for him or her. You can pick the ones you want or fill in the blank template. Just click the link below the picture, and you can download the PDF of the coupons to print out.

Valentine Coupons for Adults

Download the Valentine’s Day Coupons for Adults here

Blank Printable Valentine Coupons Template for Kids and Adults

Here is the blank Valentine’s Day coupons template that you can use for both kids or adults. Then you can fill it in with whatever you want. Click the link below the picture to download the PDF of the blank coupons.

Blank Valentine's Day Coupons Template

Download the blank Valentine’s Day coupons for kids or adults here.

I hope you enjoy these printable coupons and that you have a wonderful Valentine’s day! There are several other Valentine’s Day printables that you can get on this site. First, there are free printable Valentine’s Day wine bottle labels that you can attach to your favorite bottle of wine and give away to someone as a Valentine gift.

There are also free printable Valentine candy bar wrappers in three different sizes. You can print them and wrap around a Hershey bar and hand out as Valentine’s Day treats.

Then there are free printable Valentine gift tags that you can print out and attach to any Valentine’s day treats or gifts. You can even attach a matching one to the bottle of wine with the Valentine’s Day wine label. Add the candy bar with the Valentine candy wrapper on it and give the gift of wine and chocolate! You can see all of the Valentine’s Day printables here.

Although not specifically for Valentine’s Day, some of these free printable lunch box notes would work great for Valentine’s Day.

Free Printable Valentine Coupons for Kids and Adults

Need ideas for Valentine’s Day breakfast? You can get 13 Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas here.

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