Travel Planner Printable {Downloadable PDF}

Something that always lifts my spirits during the long months of winter is to plan my next trip or vacation. That is where this travel planner printable comes in. This is how most of my family’s vacations have come together. I will research different locations, things to do, costs involved, transportation, hotels, rental cars, etc.

Travel Planner Printable

Sometimes I can go down a rabbit hole of vacation planning, then get distracted by something or someone and have to start all over again.

I’ve got the solution! Use this travel planner printable to keep all of your research and travel plans organized and in one place. This is a highly detailed planner that will ensure that you don’t forget anything on your next vacation or trip and that you have the best travel experience possible. It will ensure that all of your trip plans are organized and in one place.

My favorite part of this travel planner printable is the research and brainstorming pages. This is a great way to get all of your ideas recorded, so as you are researching best things to do, places to go, itineraries, etc., you will know precisely what you have to do. Of course, I also love the travel checklists. They are so helpful in making sure nothing is forgotten right down to the little details .

I also love the trip itinerary pages. You can plan out all of your days, or you can loosely write down ideas of what you want to do each day. This planner works to help you plan any trip whether it is a road trip , a business trip or any kind of vacation.

This travel planner printable includes 26 pages. Some of the pages you may want to print out multiple copies of. The following pages are in the planner:

  1.  A cover page
  2. A trip name and dates page – this is so you can reuse this planner for multiple trips. Once you download the planner to your computer, you can print out another copy of the travel planner every time you want to plan a new trip.
  3. A daily itinerary page. There are several sections to this page. This can serve as an overview of each day of your trip. The sections on this page are places to go, transportation, things to eat, weather, accommodations, things to buy, and budget. You can print out as many copies of this daily itinerary planner template as you need to coincide with the number of days in your trip.
  4. A trip summary page. This accounts for seven weeks of travel and is meant to be an overview of your trip. You can use just the first week if your trip is only a week long. 
  5. A travel budget page. This page is meant to plan the budget for your entire trip. It contains sections for transportation, lodging, food & drink, and entertainment.  There is also space for you to record your actual travel expenses.
  6. A travel checklist. This is a checklist of things to do to plan your trip. This page also includes a section for planning and recording who will care for things like your mail, and plants while you are away. You can also record your pet sitter information on this page. There is also an overview of things to pack. This page will ensure that all of the important things you need to arrange prior to your trip have been taken care of.
  7. A packing checklist. This is a detailed list of things to pack for your trip.
  8. A blank packing list for you to fill in with your own items. There are sections for clothes, toiletries, carry-on, entertainment, and “other.”
  9. A kids packing list. This page has things to pack for the kids.
  10. A carry-on packing list. This list contains items that you would pack in your carry-on.
  11. A blank carry-on packing list for you to fill in with your own items. There are sections for essentials, toiletries, comfort, entertainment, snacks, misc/optional, and others.
  12. A flight information page. This is a detailed page to record multiple flights if you need to. There is space for three flights. You can record all of the flight times and information. You can print out multiple copies of this page if you need space for more.  
  13. A car rental and hotel information page. This is where you can record your rental car information and hotel information. There is space for two hotels. Print out more copies of this page if you stay in more than two hotels.
  14. A research sheet. This has space for you to write your notes while researching your trip. There are spaces for the destination, best time of year, sights to see, things to experience, taste, and tips and advice.
  15. A brainstorming sheet. This is similar to the research sheet above. Except there is a table where you can note the good and the bad for hotels, food, place, locals, shopping, and transport. Then there is space to brainstorm activities/tours, restaurants/foods to try, shops, and entertainment.
  16. A travel calendar. This is a month’s view, but the calendar is updated to fill it in for the month you are taking your trip. You can print out more copies if you need more than one month.  
  17. A things to do page. The following three pages are pages to record things to do, see, and taste. The first one is things to do with planning for eight days.  
  18. A things to see page. The next page is things to see with space for the place and the date you plan on visiting for eight days.
  19. A things to taste page. This is the food you would like to try while on your trip, with space for where you can get it from.
  20. A photos to take page. This is where you can record what photos you want to take each day and the place.
  21. An outfit planner page. There is space to plan your outfits for a week. You can print out more copies of this page if you are traveling for more than a week. I love this page because it prevents me from overpacking. Spending the time to plan your outfits for each day in advance will ensure you don’t overpack, but you have everything you need. There is space for each day for the weather, day plans, night plans, and outfits.
  22. A travel bucket list page. You can record the places you want to go and see on this page. There is space for countries and cities.  
  23. A house sitter notes page. This page will come in handy to give your house sitter all of the personal information and essential details they will need. There is a section for your personal data and contact information and where you will be. Then a section for important telephone numbers, a section for home details and instructions, and a section for responsibilities and how often. This page will ensure that your house sitter has all of the necessary details they will need.
  24. A travel journal page. Trust me when I say that the details of different trips will start to run together as you age. You might remember doing something but not remember where you were at. This page will help you remember what you did on your trip and where it was. You can print out as many copies of this page as you need.
  25. A photo memories page. You can add your photos here if you are creating a travel binder or you can use this page to record photos you would like to take or have taken.
  26. A destination overview page. This page has space for you to record information about your destination. There is space for the capital, language, time difference, currency, and conversion rate. Then there is space for you to record the top places to visit. You can print out as many copies of this page as you need.

As you can see, this travel planner printable is pretty comprehensive. If you like to plan trips in detail or simply want to be organized and have everything in one place, then this planner is for you. It will make trip planning a fun process and help ensure that you have a great trip. This planner will work great for personal travel or business travel .

Download the Travel Planner Printable

Travel Planner Printable

You can purchase this travel planner printable for $12.00 and start planning your next adventure today. Click the button below to buy it. Once you purchase, you can download the planner to your computer and use it repeatedly for all of your future trips and vacations. The planner is a digital product, and no physical product will be sent. The travel planner printable is formatted to print on 8.5 x 11-inch paper. It is a 26 page PDF file.

You can use any or all of the pages in the travel planner printable. Some of the pages may not be applicable to your trip, while others may require that you print multiple copies of a certain page.

There is another vacation planner and journal here that you might like as well. This one focuses more on the journal pages as well as your travel details.

Please note these printables are for personal use only. You do not have permission to sell them for profit or claim them as your own design.

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