Printable Christmas Planner

I love this printable Christmas planner for so many reasons. This Christmas planner not only contains several planning pages to keep everything surrounding your Christmas holiday organized and in one place, but it contains several beneficial bonus pages as well.  

Printable Christmas Planner

We all know that in addition to being a wonderful time of year, the holiday season can also bring lots of added activities, responsibilities, and events. This can be stressful for some.

When I write everything down and get it out of my head and onto paper, this can significantly alleviate some of that stress.

I use this printable Christmas planner to keep everything organized.

One of the best things about it is that for some of the pages where the information stays the same year after year, I can save the pages that I have already filled out and will not have to fill them out again in subsequent years.

This printable Christmas planner is beautifully decorated with a Christmas elf theme that will help get you in the holiday spirit. There are 57 pages in this Christmas planner.

Description of Pages in the Printable Christmas Planner

The planner contains the following pages:

  •  A Cover Page
  • This planner belongs to page
  • Daily Planner Page. There are seven copies of this page included in the PDF printable planner. You can print as many copies of this page as you would like.
  • Weekly Planner Page. There are four copies of this page included in the PDF printable planner. You can print as many copies of this page as you would like.
  • Christmas Day Planner Page
  • Christmas Menu Planner Page
  • Christmas Party Planner Page
  • Christmas Countdown Page – November 1-8
  • Christmas Countdown Page – November 9-16
  • Christmas Countdown Page – November 17-24
  • Christmas Countdown Page – November 25-30
  • Christmas Countdown Page – December 1-8
  • Christmas Countdown Page – December 9-16
  • Christmas Countdown Page – December 17-24
  • Decoration Planner Page
  • Cooking Plans Page
  • Christmas Recipes Page – There are five of these recipe pages in the PDF of the printable planner. You can print out more of these recipe pages if you need them.
  • Holiday Bucket List Page with space for places to go, movies to watch, people to see, and dishes to cook.
  • A Second Holiday Bucket List Page with space for desserts to bake, books to read, treats to try, and clothes to buy.
  • Holiday Bucket List Checklist Page
  • Grocery List Checklist Page
  • Christmas Eve To Do List Checklist Page
  • Christmas Wish List Page
  • Party Guest List Page with space for name, phone, and email.
  • Budget Planner Page
  • Christmas Card List Page
  • Christmas Traditions Page to record all of your family’s Christmas traditions.
  • November Calendar Page (you can fill in the dates so you can reuse it year after year)
  • December Calendar Page (you can fill in the dates so you can reuse it year after year)
  • Stocking Stuffer Ideas Planning Page
  • Gift Ideas Page – there are five of this page in the PDF printable planner. You can print out more copies of this page if you need them.
  • Gifts Received Recorder Page
  • Christmas Cleaning Checklist – Page 1
  • Christmas Cleaning Checklist – Page 2
  • Notes for Next Year Page
  • Decoration Vision Board Page
  • Blank Page for Notes or Anything Else You Would Like to Keep Track of (there are four of these blank pages in the PDF printable planner. You can print out additional blank pages if you need them.)
Printable Elf-themed Christmas Planner

There are the following bonus pages in the printable Christmas planner. These pages are to help you enhance your Christmas holiday. These pages come in particularly handy if you have younger kids. Even if you do not though, they can be fun for all.

Bonus Pages

There are 11 bonus pages contained with the Elf themed Christmas planner.

They are:

  1.  30 Days of Being Nice – This page contains a different nice thing that you can do each day.
  2. Christmas Countdown Activities – This page contains a different activity for each day of December from the first to the twenty-fourth.
  3. Three Minutes to Name Game – this page contains space for you to set a timer and name various things having to do with Christmas.
  4. Elf Adoption Certificate – This is a certificate for the adoption of your Christmas elf.
  5. Welcome Letter to the Christmas Elf from Santa.
  6. Good-Bye Letter from your Christmas Elf to the Kids.
  7. There are Three Pages of Elf Activities for the Elf to Do Each Day in December Leading up to Christmas. This is a huge time saver and will help you not only be prepared but help you to remember to have the elf move and do something different each day.
  8. Finally, there is a page of Christmas elf gift tags. You can print this page as many times as you need for as many tags as you need.

Buy the Printable Christmas Planner

The Elf-themed Christmas planner and bonus pages (68 total pages) are $18.00. You can download it to your computer and use it year after year as even the calendar pages are not dated so that you can fill in the dates each year. This is a digital product. You will download it and print it at home. Nothing physical is sent to you.

This printable Christmas planner prints on 8.5 x 11-inch paper.

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Printable Elf-Themed Christmas Planner + Bonus Pages - 68 Total Pages!

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