Printable Vacation Planner and Journal

This printable vacation planner and journal accomplishes two purposes at once. It is perfect for recording all of your travel plans to have them all handy and in one place. It is also perfect to act as a travel journal to record the details and memories of your vacation so you will be able to memorialize it in writing.  

Printable Vacation Planner and Journal

Trust me when I tell you that all of the vacation memories will begin to run together. You may recall a fond memory but not be able to remember precisely which trip it occurred during. You will no longer have that problem if you record all of your memories in this travel journal.

What is Included in the Printable Vacation Planner and Journal

Printable Vacation Planner and Journal

There are 31 pages in the PDF print version of the planner that you can download. You can print out multiple copies of any page that you need to duplicate. This vacation planner and journal includes the following pages to help you keep all of your plans organized and in one place. This vacation planner and journal will have everything covered that you will need to prepare for, manage, and record the happenings of your vacation.

  1.  A Cover Page
  2. This journal and planner belongs to page.
  3. A destination page with space for describing the destination and top attractions to visit there.
  4. A trip planner page with space for departure details and return details.
  5. an accommodations page with space for two hotel or other accommodation details.
  6. A packing list with heading to easily keep everything organized and make sure you don’t forget anything.
  7. A second page for the packing list.
  8. A carry-on luggage list that you can fill in with the items to pack in your carry-on. There are pre-filled items for you to check off and space for you to add your own.
  9. A to-do list for before your trip. There are pre-filled items for you to check off and space to fill in your own items.
  10. A list of things to check before leaving. Again, there are pre-filled items to check off to ensure that you don’t forget anything and space to fill in your own items.
  11. A booked activities sheet with space for three different activities and all of the information concerning them.
  12. Pages 12-19 are seven different daily itinerary sheets with space for your am and pm schedules, breakfast, lunch, and dinner plans, and the top three things to do each day. You can print out more copies of this individual page if your vacation is longer than seven days.
  13. A travel journal page where you can write about your trip.
  14. Pages 21-27 are titled “Today’s Adventure.” This is where you can fill in the details for each day of your vacation. There is space on each page for places visited, activities done, food eaten, drinks tried, highlights of the day and new things learned.
  15. A photo memories page.
  16. A travel budget page.
  17. An activities tracker page.
  18. A savings tracker page.
  19. An expense tracker page.

Download the Printable Vacation Planner and Journal

You can download the printable vacation planner and journal for $12.00. Save it to your computer and print out as many copies as you want. You can reuse it for all of your vacations. Print out multiple copies of the journal pages for everyone in the family so they can record all of their thoughts for each day of the trip.

This is a digital PDF of the planner and journal that you will download and print out at home. No physical copy will be sent to you. Click the button below to purchase it.

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Printable Vacation Planner & Journal

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