Summer Bucket List – Ideas and Planner

What is on your summer bucket list? Maybe you are just starting to create your list and want to get some ideas. Read on for some excellent summer bucket list ideas that you can add to your list. There is even a printable summer bucket list planner that you can download to keep yourself organized and on track for having the best summer ever!

Summer Bucket List Ideas and Planner

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Summer Bucket List Ideas – Section 1

I’m going to list some ideas here (thirty-six of them) of general things you might want to add to your bucket list. Some of these things obviously take a lot more time than others. Pick and choose what interests you most, taking into consideration the time you have available. But make sure you aren’t afraid to try new things. Even though you think something may not interest you, give it a try. You may be surprised at how much you actually enjoy it!

  1.  Host a Bonfire
  2. Explore Your City
  3. Blow Giant Bubbles
  4. Make a New Friend
  5. Go Bowling
  6. Play Frisbee
  7. Walk in the Park
  8. Learn a New Instrument
  9. Go Kayaking
  10. Try a New Cuisine
  11. Cook a New Dish
  12. Listen to an Audiobook
  13. Go Fishing
  14. Make a New Cocktail
  15. Go to a Baseball Game
  16. Have a Watergun Fight
  17. Paint a Picture
  18. Make a Scrapbook
  19. Plant Flowers
  20. Visit a Water Park
  21. Visit a Farm
  22. Go Fruit Picking
  23. Visit Grandparents
  24. Make a Smoothie
  25. Go to a Farmers Market
  26. Finish a Puzzle
  27. Finish a Book
  28. Go to a Festival/Fair
  29. Go to a Museum
  30. Buy Something at a Yardsale
  31. Have a DIY At-Home Spa Day
  32. Eat a Meal From a Food Truck
  33. Exercise Outdoors
  34. Make Homemade Jam
  35. Try a New Haircut
  36. Have a Great Summer!
Printable Summer Bucket List Planner

Self-Care Bucket List Ideas – Section 2

Next, here are some self-care bucket list ideas. Pick the ones you want to do from this list and try to do them every day for the summer! You might just form a healthy new habit that carries throughout the year.

  1.  Practice Morning Yoga
  2. Meditate
  3. Enjoy Every Sip of Your Coffee
  4. Declutter Your Space
  5. Drink Eight Glasses of Water
  6. Eat Veggies at Every Meal
  7. Write Affirmations
  8. Write in a Gratitude Journal
  9. Listen to Good Music
  10. Read One Chapter of a Book
  11. Do Something Creative
  12. Watch a Movie
  13. Play with a Pet
  14. Take a Technology Break
  15. Spend Quality Time with Loved Ones

Lists to Add to Your Bucket List – Section 3

Next, make lists of groups of things you want to do or accomplish, such as “Books to Read.” Following are some ideas of lists you can create and add to your summer bucket list.

  1.  Movies/Shows to Watch
  2. Restaurants to Eat at
  3. Places to Go
  4. Ice Cream Flavors to Try
  5. Books to Read
  6. New Recipes to Cook
  7. New Skills to Learn
  8. Things to Make from Scratch
  9. New Hobbies to Explore
  10. New Seasonal Fruits to Try
  11. DIY Projects to Do
  12. Desserts to Bake
  13. Podcasts to Listen to
  14. Board Games to Play
  15. Languages to Learn
  16. New Goals to Aim for
  17. Science Experiments to Try
  18. Things to Let Go of
  19. Things You Miss Doing as a Kid
  20. Places You Want to Visit

That’s a total of over 70 different things that you can add to your summer bucket list. Hopefully, this will be plenty to keep you busy all summer. Of course, you may also have your own bucket list items that you want to accomplish or experience. Take some time and plan out your activities for the summer. 

Schedule Items From Your Bucket List on Your Calendar

One way to make sure you are checking things off your summer bucket list is to schedule the items from your list to your calendar. Things that don’t get scheduled often don’t get done. One way to ensure that you get all or most of your items accomplished is to schedule them for a particular day and time.  

Get the Summer Bucket List Planner

If doing all of this summer bucket list planning sounds a little too complicated for you, get the summer bucket list planner. Not only does it have all of the activities listed above already included in it, but it has plenty of space to add your own items to the list. You can download the summer bucket list planner to your computer and use it year after year. It is $12.00 to download and contains the following pages:

Page 1 – A Cover Page

Page 2 – Summer Bucket List Checklist from Section 1 – 1st page

Page 3 – Summer Bucket List Checklist from Section 1 – 2nd page

Page 4 – Self Care Bucket List with Daily Check-Off from Section 2

Page 5 – Summer Bucket List from Section 3 with Space for five List Items each – 1st page

Page 6 – Bucket List from Section 3 with Space for five List Items each – 2nd page

Page 7 – Summer Bucket List from Section 3 with Space for five List Items each – 3rd page

Page 8 – Bucket List Blank Checklist for You to Fill in Your Own Items

Page 9 – Summer as a Kid Bucket List – for You to Fill in Things You Missed Doing as a Kid.

Page 10 – Summer Travel Essentials – A Packing List for Your Travels with Some Basic Things Already Filled In and Plenty of Space for You to Add Your Own Items.

Page 11 – A Calendar for June for You to Schedule Your Bucket List Items.

Page 12 – A Calendar for July for You to Schedule Your Bucket List Items.

Page 13 – A Calendar for August for You to Schedule Your Bucket List Items.

Page 14 – A Calendar for September for You to Schedule Your Bucket List Items.

You can create your own bucket list or purchase the summer bucket list planner with everything already laid out for you where all you have to do is fill in the blanks and check off the items for $12.00 by clicking the button below the picture of the planner below. The planner comes in US Letter size and A4 size. 

No matter what you choose, I hope you have a fantastic summer and that you accomplish all you set out to do!

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Printable Summer Bucket List Planner

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