Mother’s Day Candy Wrappers – Free Printables

Get these free printable Mother’s Day candy wrappers to wrap over Hershey bars and give to Moms for Mother’s Day. There are three different sizes available:

  1. One for a 7 oz Giant size Hershey bar
  2. One for a standard 1.55 oz Hershey bar
  3. A sheet of 15 mini wrappers for Hershey’s Miniatures
Mother's Day Candy Wrappers - Free Printables

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How to Create the Mother’s Day Candy Bars

Click the link below the size of the wrapper that you want to print. That will take you to the PDF for that wrapper that is suitable for printing. I like to print my wrappers out on glossy paper. You can use this glossy paper if you have an ink-jet printer.

If you have a laser printer, use this glossy paper. If you do not want to use glossy paper, you can print them out on regular paper, and they still look good, in my opinion.

Next, use a paper trimmer such as this one to cut the wrappers out. That way, you will have a perfectly straight edge. See the special instructions below for how to cut the mini wrappers. You could use scissors for this, but it will be difficult, especially with the miniature wrappers.

When you are cutting the miniature wrappers, you will want to cut vertically in the middle of the gray area. You will want to cut off the bottom gray area and leave the top gray area as shown in the picture below. This is how the wrappers will align best on the Hershey’s Miniatures.

Mini Candy Wrappers

Next, if you are wrapping a 7 oz bar or a 1.55 oz bar, I like to tape the ends of the original Hershey wrapper to the front of the bar so that they are not sticking out of the edge of the Mother’s Day candy wrappers. Do not remove the original packaging. You will be wrapping the Mother’s Day candy wrappers over the original packaging.

Finally, use a glue stick to attach the wrapper. You will see where it says “glue here” on the wrapper designs.

That’s it! It’s very easy to do. See the picture below for the finished end product.

Mother's Day Candy Bars

Download the Mother’s Day Candy Wrappers

If you want to download all three wrappers at once, just enter your email address below. An email will then be sent to the address you provided. Confirm your email address in that email and you will go directly to the PDF containing all three sizes of the wrappers. If you don’t want to enter your email address, don’t worry, you can still download the individual PDFs by clicking the link below each picture of the wrappers.

Candy Wrapper for a 7 oz Bar

Mother's Day 7 oz Candy Wrappers

Download the candy wrapper for the 7 oz bar here.

Candy Wrapper for a 1.55 oz Standard Size Bar

Mother's Day 1.55 oz Candy Wrapper

Click here to download the candy wrapper for the 1.55 oz bar.

Miniature Candy Wrappers

Mother's Day Mini Candy Wrappers

Download the miniature candy wrappers here.

Give the Gift of Wine and Chocolate

Get these free printable Mother’s Day wine labels and attach them to Mom’s favorite bottle of wine. Add a Mother’s Day gift tag to the neck of the bottle. Then print out the 7 oz wrapper above and give Mom a Giant Hershey bar with the Mother’s Day wrapper and a matching bottle of wine. This is a fabulous DIY Mother’s Day gift idea that she is sure to love.

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You can even add in a coupon book that you make with these Mother’s Day coupons. They also make a great DIY Mother’s Day gift.

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Free Printable Mother's Day Candy Wrappers

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