Halloween Would You Rather {Printable Game PDF}

We all know the Would you Rather game that sparks great conversations and often hilarious answers. This is the Halloween version of this popular game.  The premise of this Halloween would you rather game is simple. Each participant is presented with two choices of “would you rather” questions where they must answer which of these two often far-fetched actions they would rather complete. There are lots of different ways you can use this printable Halloween would you rather game.

Halloween Would You Rather Game

You can be sure that the answers will lead to many exciting discussions and reasoning for each player’s choice.  Answering the would you rather questions make great conversation starters and a great way for kids and adults to have much fun choosing between lots of spooky scenarios and other Halloween theme questions.

There are eighteen different would you rather halloween questions that each participant can answer. They are all Halloween-related. For example, the first “would you rather” question is:

“Would you rather walk through a graveyard at midnight” OR “spend the night in a spooky abandoned old house.”  

There is also a blank page for you to fill in your own “would you rather” ideas.  

This is a fun Halloween game that will ensure that everyone has a great time. It is a fun way for kids to get to know each other.

Purchase the Halloween Would You Rather Printable Game

You can purchase the Halloween would you rather game for $5.00 by clicking the button below. This is a three-page PDF file you can download and save to your computer and use yearly. This game is formatted to print on 8.5 x 11-inch paper, and this is an instant download digital PDF file. No physical product is sent.

Printable Halloween Games Bundle

This Halloween game is part of this larger Halloween games bundle. These printable Halloween games will provide loads of entertainment for kids at Halloween time.  They are a great option to have a whole lot of fun and hear lots of giggles and laughs.

If you are hosting a Halloween party or event, these printable Halloween games will make a great addition as they will provide a memorable experience that kids and adults will not soon forget. Even if you aren’t having any Halloween parties, these games are fun for kids to play at the dinner table during the Halloween season or on Halloween night. They are the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit.

The best part is you can download the games once and print them as many times as you want and year after year if you would like.

The printable Halloween games bundle contains three Halloween-themed games. They are Halloween Truth or Dare (known as Halloween Truth or Scare), This Halloween Would You Rather game, and a Halloween Riddles game. The bundle is $11.00. You can see all that is included in the bundle here. This bundle is a ten-page PDF printable file. No physical product is sent.

Printable Halloween Would You Rather Game

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Please note these printables are for personal use only. You do not have permission to sell them for profit or claim them as your own design.

This Halloween would you rather Halloween edition is the perfect game to have Halloween fun by having the whole group at a Halloween party or event answer all of the different questions

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Printable Halloween Would You Rather Game

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