Pumpkin Outlines – Free Printables

Use these free printable pumpkin outlines for art projects, craft projects, kids coloring pages, kids crafts, Halloween decorations, Thanksgiving decorations, or anything you need a pumpkin outline or template for.  There are three different sizes of each pumpkin design. Some are large pumpkin outlines, medium pumpkin outlines, and small pumpkin outlines. 

Pumpkin Outlines & Templates - Free Printables

There are three different pumpkin designs for the outlines. One of them is a jack-o-lantern that is perfect for Halloween. The other two are regular pumpkins. There is also a sheet of small orange pumpkins that can be cut out and used for different projects or as decorations.  

Download the Free Printable Pumpkin Outlines

If you are looking for a particular pumpkin outline, browse below and click the link under the picture of the pumpkin outline that you would like to download. If you would like to download all ten pages of the pumpkin outlines, enter your email address below. Then check your inbox for an email from AddALittleAdventure.com. Click the button to confirm your email address, and it will take you to the PDF print version containing all ten pages of the outlines.

    Large Pumpkin Outline – Design 1

    Large Pumpkin Outline

    Click here to get this design 1.

    Large Pumpkin Template – Design 2

    Large Pumpkin Template

    Download this design 2 here.

    Large Jack-O-Lantern Outline

    Large Jack-o-Lantern Outline

    Click here to download this Jack-O-Lantern Outline.

    Medium Pumpkin Outlines – Design 1

    Medium Pumpkin Outlines

    Download the medium pumpkin outlines here.

    Medium Pumpkin Templates – Design 2

    Medium Pumpkin Templates

    Click here to download these medium pumpkin templates.

    Medium Jack-O-Lantern Outlines

    Medium Jack-O-Lantern Outlines

    Download the medium Jack-O-Lantern outlines here.

    Small Pumpkin Outlines – Design 1

    Small Pumpkin Outlines

    Click here to download these small pumpkin outlines.

    Small Pumpkin Templates – Design 2

    Small Pumpkin Templates

    Download these small pumpkin templates here.

    Small Jack-O-Lantern Templates

    Small Jack-O-Lantern Outlines

    Click here to download the small Jack-O-lantern outlines.

    Small Orange Pumpkins

    Small Orange Pumpkins

    Download the small orange pumpkins here.

    I hope you get a lot of use out of these pumpkin outlines. Make sure you check out all of the other Halloween and Thanksgiving printables on this site.

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    You can see all of the Halloween printables here.

    Please note these printables are for personal use only. You do not have permission to sell them for profit or claim them as your own design.

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    Free Printable Pumpkin Outlines for Crafts and Projects

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