Printable Place Cards

Use these free printable place cards for any occasion or event. There are nine different designs to choose from, and they are not particular to any holiday or event. Anytime you need place cards or food identification cards, these will work perfectly. You can use them for showers, weddings, rehearsal dinners, anniversaries, birthdays, parties, or dinners.  

Free Printable Place Cards

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On each page of place cards, the top two have “Thank you for celebrating with us” on the back of them. The bottom two do not have anything on the back. You can either handwrite your message or leave them blank. These can be used for food identification cards or cards for anything you would like to identify.

Print the place cards on cardstock so they will be sturdy enough to stand up once you fold them. Use a paper trimmer to cut them out so you will have a nice straight edge. You can either fill in each guests’ name (use the top two) or write whatever you would like to identify (use the bottom two).

Download the Printable Place Cards

You can download a specific design below by clicking the link below the picture of that design. Print as many copies as you need. If you would like to download all nine designs to save to your computer so you will have them whenever you need them, enter your email address in the space below. We will then send you an automated email asking you to confirm your email address. Once you confirm your address, you will be taken to the PDF print version containing all nine pages.  

Page 1

Printable Place Cards - Page 1

Download page 1 here.

Page 2

Printable Place Cards - Page 2

Click here to download page 2.

Page 3

Printable Place Cards - Page 3

Download page 3 here.

Page 4

Printable Place Cards - Page 4

Click here to download page 4.

Page 5

Printable Place Cards - Page 5

Download page 5 here.

Page 6

Printable Place Cards - Page 6

Click here to download page 6.

Page 7

Printable Place Cards - Page 7

Download page 7 here.

Page 8

Printable Place Cards - page 8

Click here to download page 8.

Page 9

Printable Place Cards - Page 9

Download page 9 here.

Other Printable Place Cards You Might Like

Other printable place cards are specific to holidays.

There are some Christmas place cards that you can print and use for Christmas Dinner or any Christmas party or event. There are several different Christmas and holiday designs to choose from. Pick one, or mix them.

There are place cards for Thanksgiving here. Use these for the Thanksgiving dinner table or any Thanksgiving event. There are several designs of the Thanksgiving place cards as well. Pick one, or mix a few different designs. Use them for any fall occasion or event. There are fall-themed place cards. They will also work for any fall wedding or fall rehearsal dinner.

Finally, there are some Easter place cards here. There are also several different designs of the Easter place cards. Pick one or mix them all. Use them for your Easter dinner table. Some of these designs are Spring themed so you can use them for any Spring events such as a Mother’s Day brunch or any other event where you would need some place cards.

Please note these printables are for personal use only. You do not have permission to sell them for profit or claim them as your own design.

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