Printable Easter Place Cards

Are you hosting Easter dinner this year? Or maybe you are hosting an Easter brunch? In any event, you might want to get these free printable Easter place cards to put on the table for Easter dinner to show your guests where to sit. 

Not only are they a great DIY way to let your guests know where to sit, but they will make your table more decorative and festive as well. You can choose the design that you like the best and print out as many as you need depending on how many guests you are having, or you can mix and match them.  

Free Printable Easter Place Cards

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There are six different designs to choose from. There are four place cards per design. You can print as many copies of the place cards as you need. You can see a picture of each of the designs below. To download the printable PDF of a design, click the link below the image of the design that you want.

After printing them, cut them out and write the guest’s names in the spaces provided. It is best to use a paper trimmer like this to cut them as it will give you a nice straight cut. If you don’t have a paper trimmer or paper cutter, you can easily use scissors as well. It is best to print them out on cardstock so that they will be stiff enough to stand once you fold them.

Six Different Easter Place Card Designs

All of the designs have space on the front for the guest’s name and say “Happy Easter” on the back.

The first design has a cute bunny on the front.

Bunny Place Cards

Download these bunny place cards here.

The next design has pink and green Easter eggs on both the front and back.

Easter Egg Place Cards

Click here to download the Easter egg place cards.

The third design is purple and gold with gold crosses on both the front and the back.

Cross Printable Easter Place Cards

Download the gold cross printable place cards here.

Next, the fourth design has a cute chick on the front with flowers on the back. 

Chic Place Cards for Easter Dinner

Click here to download the chick Easter place cards.

The fifth design has pink tulips on the front and pink and green flowers on the back.

Tulip Place Cards for Easter Dinner or Brunch

Download the pink tulips place cards here.

Finally, the sixth design has is purple with flowers on the front.

Printable Easter Dinner Place Cards

Click here to download the purple flowers printable place cards.

I like to print out different designs and mix them up rather than have them all look the same. You can do this too, or print several copies of one design, so they are all uniform.

There are several other designs of printable place cards that you can download. They are more universal designs that can be used for any occasion, celebration or event.

Other Easter Printables You Might Like

There are other Easter printables on the site that you might also like. There are Easter candy bar wrappers here. You can print out the candy wrappers, wrap them around a Hershey bar, and put one on each plate on the table. Not only will they look super nice, but they are sweet treats that your guests can take home as Easter favors. Or you can wrap a bunch of Hershey bars with the candy wrappers and hand them out to friends at Easter time. Everyone loves chocolate, and anyone would love receiving this sweet treat!

There are also Easter gift tags here. These gift tags can be printed out, cut out, and added to treats or gifts. There are even Easter basket tags that you can attach to Easter baskets with your child’s name on them, so they know that they have found their basket rather than a sibling’s. You can also attach these gift tags to homemade treats or treat bags. Use them however you would like.  

Finally, if you are going to someone’s house for dinner, you can download these free printable Easter wine bottle labels. Attach them to your favorite wine bottle and take them as a hostess gift or gift to your friends and family as gifts. You can also attach a gift tag to the neck of the bottle of wine. You can then write “To:” and “From:” on the tag. Combine the bottle of wine with a chocolate bar with the Easter wrapper on it, and you have a great homemade DIY gift to give.

Finally, make sure you check out this Easter planner. It will help you keep all the details surrounding your Easter holiday organized and in one place.

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Free Printable Easter Place Cards

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