Thanksgiving Place Cards Printable – DIY Template

This Thanksgiving place cards printable is free to print and use for your Thanksgiving dinner. Whether you are having a large number of guests or a small number, it is helpful to have place card settings to show your guests where they should sit at the table.

This way, you can keep couples together. This will avoid any awkward moments. Such as where someone has to get up and move so that a couple can sit next to each other.

Thanksgiving Place Cards Printable

You can purchase these place card settings if you want or you can print them out yourself. You can choose from one of the four different DIY Thanksgiving place cards printables below. Then you can write each guest’s name on the place card and put them on the table.

You should print these out on card stock if possible so they will stand better once folded. Once you print them, fill in the names, then cut them out and fold them. Scroll down to see the four different designs. Choose the one you like the best. Then print out as many copies of the place cards you will need. There are four place cards per page. Take the number of guests you are having, divide by four, and print that many copies. If you prefer, you can even mix and match for a variety of different designs.

I love creating things that will make my life easier and share them with others. I’ve created some other Thanksgiving resources that you might want to check out. There are some Christmas resources as well. Because we all know that once Thanksgiving is over, Christmas sneaks up on us awful fast.

The first design shown below is also part of our Thanksgiving dinner planner. The planner is 11 printable planning pages that you can use to keep all things surrounding Thanksgiving organized and in one place. Click here to learn more about the planner and what all it includes.

Download the PDF Thanksgiving Place Cards Printable – Design 1

Download the pdf Thanksgiving Place Cards Template – Design 2

Download the PDF Thanksgiving Place Cards DIY Template – Design 3

Download the PDF Thanksgiving Place Cards Free Download – Design 4

Yet another Thanksgiving place card idea is to use a Thanksgiving candy bar wrapper and wrap it on a standard size Hershey bar. You can then place one on each plate, and it serves as both a place card letting each guest know where to sit and a favor. This is a sweet treat they can take home with them. There is a free Thanksgiving candy wrapper in the Thanksgiving planner that you can use if you like this idea.

Another helpful printable to keep your Thanksgiving dinner on track is the Thanksgiving dinner timeline free printable. If you host Thanksgiving dinner each year, you know how hard it can be to have everything timed correctly to make sure everything is hot and ready to serve simultaneously. Print out this timeline and fill it in, and that way, you can make sure that happens and make sure you don’t forget anything in the process. Once you fill it out, you can keep it somewhere safe and reuse it year after year.

Hope you enjoy this Thanksgiving place cards printable!

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Free Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards Templates

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