Printable Candy Bar Wrappers

There are several different free printable candy bar wrappers on this site for several various events and holidays. I thought that I would link to them all from one post, so they were easy to find. These candy bar wrappers can be used as treats to give out to family and friends. They can be used as party or holiday party favors. You can also use them as favors for a holiday dinner. There are so many different ways you can use them, and people love chocolate. So they will love receiving this unique and thoughtful treat from you for any occasion.

Free Printable Candy Bar Wrappers

I think I will start with the beginning of the year and list them that way. They all come in three different sizes. The first one is for a giant 7 oz Hershey bar. This makes a great little gift to give to someone because that is a lot of chocolate! Next, one fits over a standard 1.55 oz Hershey bar or another candy bar of similar size and shape. This one is perfect for party favors or treats when you want to hand them out to several people. Finally, there is a sheet of 15 mini candy wrappers. They fit over Hershey’s Miniatures. They are perfect as party favors, to sprinkle around centerpieces, or put in a container for people to take freely as they want a little chocolate bite.  

Valentine’s Day printable candy bar wrappers

These are perfect for school treats for Valentine’s Day. You can use the giant wrapper, wrap it over the 7 oz bar, and give it as a teacher gift for Valentine’s Day.  

St. Patrick’s Day printable candy bar wrappers

St. Patrick's Day candy bar wrappers

The giant size is again perfect to give to a teacher as a teacher gift. Give the minis out as treats for St. Patrick’s Day. Or hand out the standard 1.55 oz bars to co-workers and friends as a special treat to let you know you are thinking of them.

Easter printable candy bar wrappers

Easter candy bar wrappers

The minis are perfect to put in plastic Easter eggs for Easter egg hunts. Use the 1.55 oz bars for Easter favors and place one on each plate at the dinner table to make the table look more festive. Give the 7 oz bar as an Easter gift to anyone who loves chocolate.

Mother’ Day candy bar wrappers

Mother's Day candy bar wrappers

Most any Mom would love receiving a giant-sized chocolate bar as a Mother’s Day gift. You can also use the standard size or mini wrappers to hand out to Moms for Mother’s Day. These are great for businesses to give to customers or employees or churches to give to Moms in the congregation.

Father’s Day candy bar wrappers

Father's Day Candy Bar Wrappers

Same as with the Mother’s Day candy bar wrappers, most any Dad would love receiving the giant-sized chocolate bar as a Father’s Day gift. The standard size is great for churches to give to Dads in the congregation to acknowledge them on Father’s Day. They are also perfect for businesses to provide to customers and employees.

Graduation candy bar wrappers

 Graduation candy bar wrappers

The standard size candy wrapper is perfect to use for graduation party favors, or you can give them to guests as they are leaving to thank them for coming to your graduation party. Use the mini’s to sprinkle around centerpieces on the tables to dress them up, and guests can take them whenever they want. Use the 7 oz bar to give to anyone who has helped with the graduation party’s planning or execution.

Christmas candy bar wrappers

Christmas candy bar wrappers

Like the Easter candy wrappers, the 1.55 oz Christmas wrappers are perfect to use as favors for the Christmas dinner table. You can also use them to give to family and friends to bring a smile to their faces at Christmas time. The minis are also perfect for giving to family or friends or to put in a container for guests to take as an after-dinner treat.

Birthday Candy Bar Wrappers

Birthday Candy Bar Wrappers

These birthday candy bar wrappers can be used as birthday treats for kids to hand out to classmates. They can also be uses as birthday party favors. Give someone a candy bar for their birthday and it is sure to bring a smile to their face!

Baby Shower Candy Bar Wrappers

These baby shower candy bar wrappers are perfect to use as baby shower favors. You can also use the 7 oz wrapper for giant Hershey bars for prizes for the games that you play at the baby shower.

That’s it for now. I hope you find these free printables helpful. Check back for Thanksgiving candy bar wrappers, birthday, and baby shower candy bar wrappers that are coming soon!

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