Simple, Fast Cleaning Schedule for Working Moms – With Free Printable

Cleaning Schedule for Working Moms

As a Working Mom, sticking to a cleaning routine may not always be possible. Juggling work while keeping the house clean might be difficult. You may have the most challenging job, yet you still have a big part in doing household chores. 

They may seem never-ending. I’m going to give you a cleaning schedule for working moms that is easy to follow and will allow you to have a clean house at all times for the most part. It considers that you are a busy mom and don’t want all of your spare time dedicated to cleaning the house. 

The secret to having and maintaining a clean house is to do it often and in as little time as possible.

Also included below is a printable cleaning schedule so that you will stick to it every day with ease. This will ensure that your entire house gets the attention that it needs, that you have clutter under control and keep it that way. There is a printable cleaning schedule with the daily cleaning routine already filled in; then, there is also a blank schedule that you can fill in with your own items if they differ from the one already provided.

Why do Working Moms need a Cleaning Schedule?

A practical cleaning schedule will make cleaning your house easier and faster. You can then free up your spare time to do other tasks that you would rather be doing. All of your time will not be spent on household chores. 

You can eliminate the stress of deciding when and what to clean. A cleaning schedule will consistently keep your house clean. This routine is the primary goal of cleaning schedules, which helps you clean regularly. When the house gets cleaned regularly, it doesn’t get dirty between the scheduled cleanings. Because you have a routine, it also takes less time.

If you need a more comprehensive spring cleaning checklist, you can find that here. The checklist will give you a birds-eye view of all that needs done. This article however is going to focus more on your daily, weekly and monthly tasks to get you used to following a cleaning schedule.

We made a practical and easy to follow cleaning schedule for working moms to help clean the house easier, faster, and more efficient.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

Think about the tasks you want to accomplish in your daily routine. Daily cleaning tasks can take less time and will prevent the build-up of mess inside your home. I have listed some typical daily tasks below for both the morning, before starting work, and the evening after work is completed for the day. You can adjust these as you need to for your situation. The following is just a guide to get you started and get you thinking about all the tasks that need to be done every single day. 

Morning Routine

* Make the bed before you go to work. Doing it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just make it look tidy and clean.

* Put away the dishes inside the dishwasher. Emptying the dishwasher in the morning will allow the dirty dishes to be put inside it after meals throughout the day.  

* Do a load of laundry. You can put laundry in the washer and the dryer and let them run while you’re doing work.

Make these cleaning tasks part of your morning routine. If you don’t have a morning routine, you should. Here are some morning routine ideas to get you started.

The morning routine is short. Busy moms are usually short on time in the morning, so most of the daily cleaning tasks are left for the evening. If you accomplish these three simple tasks each morning, you will be setting yourself up for a successful day.

Cleaning Schedule for working moms

Evening Routine

Following this daily schedule will make your house a little bit cleaner every day. It will allow you to do fewer household chores. Weekdays can be great when you’re working as most of your family members are at school or work. No one can mess up the tidiness of your home when they’re not around. You can clean easily as well.

You can try to plan evening tasks revolving around your schedule. These are times when the entire family is home, and it may be hard to clean around your house. Cleaning may also take much longer if you do decide to do it in the evening when everyone is home. 

So I get why it may be hard to do anything in the evening. But, if you do the following tasks every evening, you will be in good shape.  

Evening Cleaning Tasks

* Run the dishwasher. You can load and start the dishwasher after having your dinner.  

* Wipe kitchen counters and make sure the kitchen is clean after dinner. Wipe down any appliances that need it.

* Have your kids take anything left out to their rooms. Doing this daily will prevent a build-up of clutter and stuff that does not belong in your main living areas.

*Sweep any floors that need it. You can spot sweep if the floors are generally clean, but there is just a messy area (for example, in the kitchen). 

* Wipe down your bathrooms, making sure all of the sinks and toilets are clean. Wipe down the bathroom mirror if necessary. Doing this daily ensures that you will always have clean bathrooms.

* Do a load of laundry. Collect all laundry from your family’s clothes hampers. You can either do a load of laundry each night or do a load of laundry in the morning before starting work, whichever is easier for you. This will ensure that everyone in the family always has clean clothes.

* Fold and put away clothes. Collect the clothes from the dryer, fold them, and put them away.

* Take care of pets. If you have pets at home, you should clean litter boxes and also their food bowls.

*Clear hot spots. Go through any mail or papers that have piled up in whatever “hot spot” is in your home. This can be a dining room or kitchen table or an entryway piece of furniture. Throw away any junk mail that you don’t need or want right away.

*Declutter or Organize for 15 minutes. This alone will be a game-changer for the state of your home at any given time. You can read more about how to declutter your home here.  

*Take out Trash

I realize that the above may seem like a lot. But it really should take you no longer than 45 minutes to accomplish. If you are keeping up with your daily cleaning schedule, things never get that dirty so it takes much less time to clean.

If you manage to do all of the daily morning and evening tasks listed above each day, you will be in so much better shape heading into the weekly cleaning tasks. You may choose to do your weekly cleaning tasks on the weekend (all on a Saturday, for instance), or you may want to split them up. If you split them up, you can do one or two tasks from your weekly list each day.

Printable Cleaning Schedule for Working Moms

I’ve included the above daily tasks in the easy printable cleaning schedule for working moms that you can print out to help keep yourself on track. You can put it somewhere where it is easy for you to look at and even check off each task as you complete it. Combine this cleaning schedule with a habit tracker and give yourself a checkmark each day that you complete all of your daily cleaning tasks. 

Once you have completed the tasks for a month, congratulations, you have instilled a new habit, and this should become second nature for you. I’ve even included a habit tracker with the daily cleaning tasks listed explicitly on them so you can check them off. 

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

Some tasks don’t need to be done every day. These are tasks that can be added on weekdays or when you have the time. Weekly cleaning tasks can take a little longer to do, so it’s best if you do this on your day-offs.

  • Sweeping and mopping the floor every once in a while can also help your cleaning tasks.
  • Wash bed sheets weekly and again include the daily laundry.
  • Clean out the fridge.
  • Clean the bathrooms. Don’t forget the shower/tub, mirrors, toilets, sinks, under the sinks, closets, baseboards, light fixtures, floors, etc.
  • Dust surfaces every week, so it won’t gather and make dust bunnies.
  • Water your plants
  • Plan your meals for the week. This isn’t a cleaning task, but it will make your life so much easier, so I include it to add it to your weekly schedule. Make a menu for your weekly meals. Prepare the meals you would be making for the week. Whether it’s boiling or shredding the uncooked meat and chopping up vegetables, preparing your ingredients can be a great help. It makes easier meal preparation and fewer utensils, kitchen pots, pans, and cutting boards to wash. You only have to do meal preparation once a week instead of doing it daily.

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

The last part of your cleaning schedule is your monthly cleaning tasks. These monthly tasks involve deep cleaning. It cleans all the nooks and crannies of your house that don’t get cleaned on your daily and weekly cleaning schedules. Often, weekly cleaning will concentrate more on dusting and organizing things. Daily cleaning is usually the minor cleaning you can do in your everyday routine. 

For monthly cleaning tasks, create a monthly schedule wherein you target specific areas for deep cleaning. For example, in the first week of the month, you can concentrate on deep cleaning your living room, and in the second week of the month, you can deep clean your kitchen. You can get some ways to declutter your kitchen here. Implementing them will allow you to start with decluttered kitchen that will be easier to clean.

Some examples for your deep cleaning:

For Kitchen Deep Cleaning

* Clean cabinets on the inside and outside. Start from the upper cabinets and work your way to the lower cabinets.

* Clean kitchen appliances such as ovens, microwaves, stoves, fridges, and freeze. Target specific areas inside the appliances you don’t usually clean. You can also clean the surrounding areas of the appliances, such as under refrigerators and stovetops.

* Clean under the sinks. Dirt and grime can accumulate under the kitchen sink. It is essential to deep clean these areas as you often neglect them weekly or daily cleaning schedules.

For Bathroom Deep Cleaning:

* Bathroom shower curtain cleaning or replacement

* Clean the inside of your medicine cabinets. These are not often used, and dust might be gathering up inside it.

* Clean grout in between tiles. The bathroom tiles must also be deep cleaned as dirty grout can spoil any bathroom look.

For Living Area Deep Cleaning:

  • Sweep and clean surfaces under furniture, such as your couch.
  • Clean and remove dust from display cabinets.
  • Vacuuming your couch and other furniture is also a good task for your monthly deep cleaning.

Some Other Monthly Cleaning Tasks You May Want to Add to Your Cleaning Schedule

  • Clean your windows
  • Wash and clean the baseboards in your home
  • Dust and clean all Light Fixtures in your home (these tend to get dusty, but we seldom notice it).
  • Clean out your pantry
  • Vacuum all furniture
  • Clean out your closet. Get rid of clothes that you no longer want or wear.

Following this cleaning schedule for working moms will help you have a tidy house at all times. You will no longer have to worry about guests stopping by and your home being a mess. Spending the whole day cleaning on a Saturday when you are off work and want some me-time or family time will no longer be an issue.

You can also enlist your family members to help you by assigning them specific monthly tasks or weekly tasks. Giving kids particular jobs such as ‘load dishwasher” enables them to know precisely what is expected of them. You can even set up a daily chore chart for your kids to follow. Teaching them from a young age to help you with the daily routine will also instill good habits in them that will stick with them for life.

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