Printable Christmas Tags – PDFs

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Or, maybe you are in the middle of wrapping your Christmas gifts, and you realize you don’t have any tags (this has happened to me on several occasions). Either way, these printable Christmas tags PDFs will come to the rescue!   

Printable Gift Tags PDFs

You can print off these Christmas gift tags, fill them in, punch a hole in them, put some ribbon through the hole, and attach them to your gifts. Or you can cut off the top where the hole punch is and tape them to your gifts. Either way works just fine. 

If you are going to attach them with ribbon, it is best to print them on card stock if possible, but you can print them on a regular 8.5 x 11-inch paper. There are six gift tags per sheet. You can choose one design for all of your gifts, or you can mix them up and use them all.

There are currently six different designs below to choose from. (Keep checking back, though, because I plan on adding several more.) Some in color and some in black and white. Of course, you can always print the color ones on a black and white printer as well.  

Download the Printable Christmas Tags

Enter your email address in the space below to download all six designs of the Christmas tags at once. Then check your inbox for an email from us that will contain a link to the PDF print version of the tags.

    If you would like to download just one of the designs, there is a link below each of the designs where you can download the PDF of the design so that you can print them at home.

    Download the Printable Christmas Tags

    Printable Christmas Tags PDFs

    Printable Christmas Tags

    Click here to download this Christmas Tags PDF

    Free Printable Santa Tags

    Free Printable Santa Tags

    Click here to download the Free Printable Santa Tags PDF

    Cute Christmas Tags

    Cute Christmas Tags

    Click here to download these Cute Christmas Tags PDF

    Free Printable Merry Christmas Tags

    Free Printable Merry Christmas Tags

    Click here to download these Merry Christmas Tags PDF

    Merry Christmas Tags Black and White

    Click here to download the Merry Christmas tags black and white pdf

    Printable Christmas Gift Tags Black and White

    Click here to download the printable Christmas gift tags black and white PDF

    I hope you enjoy these Christmas tags pdfs. Check back often for more designs. I am working on some different shapes and sizes as well as designs of holiday gift tags to add to this page.

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    You will definitely want to check out this printable Christmas planner so that you can have all things related to the Christmas season organized and in one place. You can keep the planner and reference it year after year. Click here to see all that is included in the Christmas holiday planner.

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    Letters to Santa Clause Templates

    Here are some letters to Santa Claus templates that you can print for your children to help them to write their letter to Santa Claus, which is always a fun annual activity for kids.

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    Free Printable Gift Tags PDFs

    Make sure you also check out the Valentine’s Day gift tags that can be found here. They are perfect to attach to your Valentine’s day gifts or treats or anything you want to give out for Valentine’s Day.

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