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Christmas is such wonderful time of year. Remember when you were a child, how magical it was? One of the most enjoyable things about Christmas for most children is letting Santa Claus know their wish list.

Children love to write letters to Santa Claus each year, letting him know that they have been good and what they would like him to bring them for Christmas.

Free letters to Santa Claus templates

This was an annual tradition for my kids and most families that I know. Kids love this activity, and to make it easier and more colorful to do, you can download the Dear Santa Claus letter templates below. There are three different styles of letters that your child can choose from and fill in. There is also a design where your child can write a letter from scratch. This is perfect for children who are good at writing and want to write their letters with no help. The fill in the blank templates are perfect for younger children who are just learning to write.

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These letters to Santa Claus are also super helpful for parents to know exactly what their children would like for Christmas. Once they fill in the letters, you can get to work!

You can see each of the three different styles below. Then all you have to do is print it out and give it to your child to fill in! They will be so excited to have this letter template that they can fill out and send to Santa!

Download the Letter to Santa Claus Templates

To download all three of the letter to Santa Claus templates, enter your email in the space provided below. Then check your inbox for an email from us containing the PDF print version of all three letters.

    If you want to download one of them, click on the link below the picture, and you can instantly download a PDF of that letter template.

    Letter to Santa Claus Template – Style 1 (write the entire letter themselves – for children who are good at writing):

    letter to santa - style 1

    Download the Letter to Santa Template – Style 1 PDF here

    Dear Santa Letter Template – Style 2 – Fill in the blanks:

    letter to santa - style 2

    Download the Letter to Santa Claus Template – Style 2 PDF here

    Letter to Santa Template – Style 3 (Combination):

    letter to santa - style 3

    Download the Letter to Santa Claus Template – Style 3 PDF here

    I hope your children enjoy these letters to Santa templates. I’ve also created this printable Christmas planner to help you keep all of the different tasks and things you need to do surrounding the Christmas holiday organized and in one place. It is 15 pages to help you get and stay organized this Christmas. Once you fill it in one year, you can reuse it as reference for the following years.

    We all can use a little extra time during this time of year and this is definitely a time saver! Speaking of being busy this time of year, make sure you also check out 27 simple Elf on the Shelf ideas for busy parents. These are cute but simple ideas for the Elf to do each day.

    Also, make sure you check out all of the free Christmas printables on this site. There are wine labels, candy bar wrappers, place card settings, gift tags and more!

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