Morning Journal Prompts for Motivation

If you are looking for a way to gain motivation for your day, here are 50-morning journal prompts to help get you motivated to start your day off right! After the writing prompts to help get you motivated, make sure you continue reading for different ways to maintain motivation when things get difficult.

Morning Journal Prompts for Motivation

Read on below the 50 prompts for a pre-made 31 day motivation journal that you can purchase and download if you like to have things already for you to immediately start your journal practice for motivation.

50 Writing Prompts for Motivation

1. List at least one thing you can get done today to help you move towards your goals

2. Envisage your ideal life. Write down everything you see and feel

3. What is holding me back from achieving my goals, and how can I overcome them?

4. List some of the things you are terrific at 

5. Who are your role models, and why do you admire them?

6. What are my biggest fears, and how can I face them?

7. Write about the last time you faced a difficult period in your life and how you overcame it

8. If I didn’t worry about money or other people’s opinions, what would I do?

9. One thing I would like to learn is…

10. What does success look like to me? 

11. Write about your most significant stress factor right now and how you can try and beat it 

12. To make my day less stressful, I can tweak my morning routine in the following ways…

13. If my house was burning down and all of my family were safe outside, the three things I would save would be…

14. This month, my biggest accomplishment has been…

15. Am I surrounded by people who only want the best for me?

16. a vital lesson I have learned lately is: 

17. This year, something I’d love to start doing is…

18. What is one old pattern of behavior you find difficult to stop, and how might you overcome it? 

19. What are the reasons you want to achieve your goal?

20. What consequences would you face if you weren’t motivated to reach your goals?

21. What is the main thing that kills your motivation?

22. Which habits can I adopt to boost my motivation?

23. If I could be anyone for just a week, who would it be and why?

24. The topics of conversation I get lost in are…

25. If you asked your partner, friends, or family what you are good at doing, what would they say?

26. When I am trying to stay motivated, who can support me?

27. By staying focused on my goals, I can reward myself with…

28. To increase my motivation, I can reduce my to-do list. The following are tasks I can delegate or let go of:

29. Look at your current list of goals. Are they split into small tasks? If not, break them down now…

30. Write down a goal you want to achieve in 90 days and all the steps you’ll need to take to reach it.

31. Motivation often comes from helping others. Explore how you can help the world around you…

32. When you have strong relationships, it boosts motivation. How can you improve current relationships?

33. A positive habit I can develop to boost my motivation is…

34. Expressing gratitude helps increase motivation. List 3 things you are grateful for right now…

35. Write down three things that energize you. Aim to spend one hour on one of these things each day.

36. The part of my job I am most passionate about is…

37. What am I excited about in my life right now?

38. Why do I feel discouraged? 

39. What is out of sync in my life, and what do I feel is missing?

40. Do I need to adjust the timeframe to achieve my goal?

41. What do I need to feel motivated again?

42. Are my expectations realistic?

43. If I could change my job, what would I prefer to be doing?

44. What does my daily routine look like, and could I change it to boost motivation?

45. Write a list of the things you often do, but you must force yourself to complete. Are there similarities between the tasks?

46. If you were to put together a motivation playlist, what songs would you include?

47. What was your childhood dream, and what happened to it?

48. What does my soul need today?

49. What things am I ready to welcome more of into my life?

50. What can I do today that will bring me joy?

50 Morning Journal Prompts for Motivation

How to Maintain Motivation When Things Get Tough

We all know that life is full of ups and downs. When you are going through difficult times, it can be tough to maintain motivation. 

Depending upon the situation, you may find it almost impossible to stay positive. However, some things can help you maintain motivation and positivity, even when times are tough. 

Here, we’ll look at some of the best ways you can maintain motivation under challenging times.

Relax the Mind

In difficult times, it can be tough to concentrate. There are often a million and one things running through your mind, leaving you feeling exhausted. When you are mentally drained, it is going to be challenging to keep yourself motivated.

When you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed, take time and do something relaxing. It could be reading a book or listening to some music. Once the mind is relaxed, you’ll find it easy to regain your motivation. 

Break Down Your Tasks

When things are tough, everything can seem overwhelming. Tasks you once found easy may now prove to be much more complicated. If you feel overwhelmed with the amount you need to do, begin by breaking down your tasks.

It can help to break them down into much simpler tasks. If you are struggling, make them as small as you possibly can. As you start to tick off the simple tasks, you’ll feel proud of your progress, boosting your motivation to continue. 

Don’t Neglect Yourself

It is easy to let self-care slip when you are going through hard times. However, neglecting yourself is only going to make you feel worse.

By continuing to take care of yourself, you’ll be surprised how much better you feel. It might not make a massive difference if you are going through something truly difficult, but it will help ease your negative feelings. 

Take a shower, get dressed up, paint your nails, or treat yourself to a healthy homecooked meal. As you start to feel a little better, you will notice your motivation returning. 

Recognize Your Achievements

You’re going to need to work harder to stay positive in tough times. Recognizing your achievements can go a long way to keeping you motivated. 

Think about the things you have got done, despite the situation. Whenever you manage to complete a small task, recognize the achievement. Doing so will help make you feel good, giving you more motivation to work towards your next task.

Appreciate the Good Moments

There have been a lot of studies that have confirmed gratitude has significant benefits on our well-being. By appreciating the good moments during difficult times, it can help to give your motivation a boost. 

Start by writing down three things you are grateful for each day. They don’t have to be anything significant, just small things you are thankful for. Even if it is just as simple as you are grateful to have a bed to sleep in, it will change your mindset over time. 

Know When to Ask for Help

If no matter what you do, you can’t find the motivation to do anything, it may be time to ask for help. Difficult times can consume us mentally, making everyday tasks much more difficult. If you are struggling, reaching out to a professional can help you to overcome your troubles.

These are some of the best ways to stay motivated during difficult times. Some days will be much easier than others. The key is to persevere even when you don’t want to. This will boost your motivation and willpower. Motivation is much like a muscle. The more you work at it, the stronger it gets. 

Get the 31 Day Motivation Journal

You can download this pre-made 31-day motivation journal containing one journal prompt for motivation per day. This motivation journal is 32 pages (including the cover page). You can print it out and write in it for a month and see how your motivation increases. However, if you do not want to purchase this journal, you can use the prompts above and choose a different one each day and do the same thing. This journal makes it super easy for you (plus, you get to write on pretty paper). It is just $9.00. You can save it to your computer and use it repeatedly as many times as you want.

31 Day Motivation Journal Mockup

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