The Benefits of Being Organized

There are some clear benefits to being organized. Did you know that being disorganized could be causing you anxiety? This is just one of the reasons you may want to become more organized. Although some of these may seem obvious, below are some of the potential benefits of being a well-organized person. Some may surprise you enough to help you finally become the organized person you want to be.  So read on for 11 benefits of being organized.

11 Benefits of Being Organized

* You will be able to focus more.

Studies have proven time and again that people are not good at multitasking. You may think you are good at it, but focusing on one task at a time will make you much more productive. When you are organized, it is much easier to focus on just one task at a time. 

* You will become more productive.

When you are well-organized in your daily life, your productivity will drastically increase. You will be able to get much more done each day when you plan, systemize and organize your life. You will not be wasting time trying to figure out what task to do next because you have your days already planned out.  

* You will have more control over your time.

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. The fact that you are organized in how you will spend your given 24 hours will provide you with an advantage. You will feel like you have more time, and you actually will. For example, if you take a shopping list with you to the store, you will not forget anything you need. This will prevent you from going back to the store to get the forgotten items, hence saving you time.  

* You will experience less stress from your surroundings.

If your environment is organized and clutter-free, this will automatically decrease your stress level. You will no longer have to waste time looking for things that you have misplaced. 

* You will have a better work-life balance.

When you are organized and therefore more productive, you will get much more done each day in a shorter amount of time than someone who is disorganized. It is easy to work too much these days, and many jobs expect you to work a rigid schedule. However, if you are organized and more productive during your working hours than your co-workers, there will be fewer complaints when you wish to take off work to attend your child’s event.  

* You will get better at achieving your goals.

When you are organized and set goals, you notice what is important to do and what is not essential. Due to your organization, you will better take the appropriate needed actions to move you toward your goals. If you do not set goals, you will be aimlessly moving through life. You can read more about why you should set goals here. If you are new to goal-setting and want to learn more about how to set them, you can learn about setting SMART goals here.

11 surprising benefit of being organized

* You will feel more positive.

When your life is well-organized, you will most likely feel much happier. Due to the decrease in your stress levels from getting organized and living in a clutter-free environment, you will begin to feel successful in life. You are reaching the goals that you have intentionally set for yourself. That will make your feel more accomplished, and the side effect is that you will most likely feel happier.  

* Your creativity increases.

Although it might seem counterintuitive that planning and organization can actually make you more creative, it is true. If you are constantly being interrupted throughout your day, it won’t be easy to get into a creative flow. By setting up a well-organized and clutter-free environment, you are setting yourself to be more creative.  

* You will have more energy and motivation for each day.

Knowing precisely what you will be doing each day will motivate you to get it done. If you do not have a plan for your day, you will most likely get distracted by unimportant tasks or time wasters. By completing the tasks you planned for each day, you will begin to feel accomplished, and this will give you more energy to keep going. You will start to have a sense that you want to tackle each day and complete what you set out to do.  

* You will experience more freedom.

Yes, I’m sure you have heard the saying discipline brings freedom. I have always found that to be true. Once you become organized and disciplined in your daily life, you will most likely find that you have much more time for the things that you want to do in life. If you currently feel that all you do is work without any fun in your life, try being more organized and structured with your time. You will find that you have much more time to do what you want than you ever thought possible.   

* Your days will be calmer.

I’m sure you have experienced those hectic mornings where nothing seems to go right, and you can’t see to get out of the house. Having a hectic morning like this is not setting a very good tone for the rest of your day. Just think about how much better your mornings will be if you have organized everything the night before. Think about how much easier dinnertime will be if youíve organized and planned. When you take the time to bring organization into your entire life, your days will naturally run smoother.  

Implementing a morning routine will help you set yourself up for a successful day. You can get lots of morning routine ideas here.  

Hopefully, this article has shown you several benefits of being organized and convinced you to take the time to be more organized. If your issue is that your home is cluttered and you are overwhelmed, find out how to start decluttering here. You can also get an extra dose of motivation to clear the clutter here.  

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11 Amazing Benefits of Being Organized

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