Should You Try a 30 Day Social Media Detox?

30 Day Social Media Detox

What exactly is a 30-day social media detox, and why in the world would you want to try one, you may be asking. I’m going to make the argument for why it is a good idea and what are the benefits you might experience. In the end, it is, of course, up to you whether you want to take on this challenge or maybe even modify it to a shorter time period or restrict it to a specific short time period during your day. That would not be a total social media detox, but you might still reap enough benefits that it will be well worth your effort. 

Parenthood brings us many joys and many challenges. Being a mom, whether a working mom, a stay at home mom, or a work from home mom, can especially be challenging at times. We love to share pictures of our little kids as they grow up and post every little discovery they make. But one aspect of parenting isn’t from the daily stress of parenting duties, since it’s from another child you manage. I’m talking about social media, and it has crept into our existence throughout the day. We find ourselves spending more and more time on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (or insert your favorite social media platform here).

If you’ve felt that you are having a hard time managing your life, getting everything done that you need to get done, maybe it’s time for a change. I want to tell you about how to accomplish a 30-day social media detox. If you never thought of social media as a problem, answering the following question might open your eyes.

Answer these questions to yourself:

Do you ever feel anxious if you cannot connect on social media?

How often are you checking your posts to see who comments or adds Likes’

Is it second nature to pick-up your phone whenever you hear the notification bell?

Is your social media monitoring getting in the way of your daily work?

Are your family, friends, and even your spouse asking why you distance yourself so often?

Are your life accomplishments centered more on uploads and daily comments?

Is it more common to check all of your accounts right when you wake-up and go to sleep?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you might have a problem with social media. There can be many problems that follow. You risk losing your confidence and personality. You may also be distancing yourself from what is most important to you. Your family may suffer and will be more likely to develop the same problem. But there is hope since you have the power to stop and get it under control. Maybe it is time for you to take a social media break. That is where the 30-day social media detox comes in.

Why Do I Need a Social Media Detox?

This time is required to help clear your head. Since your brain work is geared towards social media rewards, your focus is only to feel happy being online. This isn’t by accident since social media targets everyone to be part of the crowd. The illusion is that you control everything, but in reality, it’s carefully controlling you. This reward system comes from getting comments and responses to what you post.

In reality, we’re all striving to do our best, but anything online gets magnified by emojis and endless Like’ hunting. Having a conversation with a spouse or your children is reduced to idle comments. Do you really want to spend more time on social media than you do with your family? Is social media interfering with your work? In many cases, employers are very quick to dismiss those who aren’t dedicated to their work.

How to Start

What seems like a mountain to climb is part of the rationalization we all feel. You might think, ‘It’s not hurting anyone’ and ‘It’s not so addictive. Everyone is using social media’… Well, to be honest, it’s like the saying goes: “Just because everyone else is jumping off the bridge doesn’t mean you have to too.” You can’t control what others do, but you can control what you do. Give it a try and test the waters. See if you notice a difference in how you feel and your productivity level. You will most likely notice you are much more present with your family and with your kids.  

First, you will need to become comfortable with the idea that you will put down your smartphone or mobile device for a total of 30 days. You can use the phone as a phone or even text, but delete your social media apps from it so you won’t be tempted to scroll endlessly through your social media accounts. Be prepared because once you commit to staying away from social media for 30 days, you may feel all sorts of things. Here are some possibilities:

Depression and self-esteem issues

Loss of sleep at night

Finding ways to connect in secret

Fear of being socially isolated online

The Lessons You Can Learn From a 30 Day Social Media Detox

Reconnecting to real life is not without looking at things differently. You will start to see a big difference in what you can accomplish in a day. Not having a cheering back-up of those who don’t support you is rough when not online. But you will find that doing something on your own is rewarding all by itself. Your brain will begin to reward you for finishing things you never got around to do. You will learn to be intentional with your life and setting its direction rather than aimlessly living. You will then be able to focus more on what is important to you.

Even simple things like cooking or starting home projects will develop into a very similar reward system. The reaction of your children will be more meaningful, and hearing positive feedback stimulates further real conversation. But like everything else, the first 30 days is not without challenge. You’ll always have the little voice in your head poking you to check-in. You must resist and put yourself first to break that cycle of too much time spent on social media sites.

Benefits That Come From Being Free From Social Media

Once you’ve finally reached the final day of being off-line, you’ll also feel proud of yourself. It’s a huge step that many people think isn’t worth trying. But the most important person in the world, someone like you, who dares to step-off the social media non-stop train, will know that it is. What you will be able to see will amaze you further and helps open up discoveries you never imagined possible.

You might say that life isn’t so easy, but in reality, life is much brighter if you live for the day. If you’ve ever seen someone who beat cancer or survived a bad car crash, you’ll know what I’m talking about. You can also seize the day and begin to live without social media for a different outlook on life. 

The best part of this detox is feeling that you did it without any help. Feeling proud of yourself is something that nobody can take away. Once you start to see the benefits of being more present in your life, you will have a new and better outlook and what you can accomplish.

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Should you try a 30 day social media detox in 2021?

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