St. Patrick’s Day Gift Tags – Free Printables

Get these free printable St. Patrick’s Day gift tags. You can print them out at home and attach them to St. Patrick’s day gifts, treats, party favors, or anything! They are perfect for attaching to homemade treats that you want to give out to friends, family, kids, or co-workers. St. Patrick’s day is such a fun holiday. So why not celebrate it whether you are Irish or not!

St. Patrick's Day Gift Tags - Free Printables

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There are six tags of each design on each sheet of paper. It is best if you print them out on card stock so that they will be stiffer. However, I have printed them on regular paper before, and they still look good.

After you print them out, cut them out with a paper trimmer such as this one. Using a paper trimmer or paper cutter as opposed to scissors will give you a nice straight cut.  

Once they are cut out, use a hole punch to punch a hole through the gift tags’ top. Next, you can thread green, white, or gold ribbon through the hole so that you can attach the tags to gifts or treats.

Printable St. Patrick’s Day Tags

There are seven different designs to choose from. You can see them all below. You can choose one design or mix and match them. To download a particular design, click the link under the picture of the design that you want. If you would like to download them all at once, enter your email address in the space below. You will then be sent an automated email to confirm your email address. Once you confirm your address, you will be taken to the PDF print version of all 7 pages of the St. Patrick’s Day tags.

St. Patrick's Day Gift Tags Mockup

Happy St. Paddy’s Day Design

The first design has a leprechaun hat and “Happy St. Paddy’s Day” on them. You can write on the back of these tags “To:” and “From:” if you wish to.

Happy St. Paddy's Day gift tags

Download the Happy St. Paddy’s Day gift tags here.

Three Shamrocks Design

The second design has three shamrocks on the front of the tags with “To:” and “From:” also on the tags’ front. Use this design if you don’t want to write on the back of the gift tags.

Three Shamrocks Gift Tags

Click here to download this three shamrocks design.

Green Tags with Shamrock Design

The third design is green tags with a white shamrock and To: and From: on the front of them. This design is perfect if you are looking for one with lots of color.

Green Tags with Shamrock

Download the green tags with shamrock gift tags here

Three Shamrocks with Space for Name

The fourth design has “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” on the tag with three shamrocks and a line where you can fill in a person’s name.  

Three Shamrocks with Space for Name Gift Tags

Click here to get the three shamrocks with space for name tags.

Shamrock Happy St. Patrick’s Day Design

The fifth design has a shamrock on the front with “Happy St. Patrick’s Day.” You can write on the back of these tags the “To:” and “From:” if you wish.

Shamrock Happy St. Patrick's Day gift tags

Download the shamrock Happy St. Patrick’s Day design here.

Light Green Gift Tags with Shamrock

The sixth design is light green with a shamrock on the front and “Happy St. Patrick’s Day written in script font over the shamrock. They also have “To:” and “From:” on the front. This design is perfect if you want a design that has everything on the front of the tag.

Light Green Gift Tags with Shamrock

Click here to get the light green gift tags with the shamrock.

Beer Mug St. Patrick’s Day Tags

The seventh and final design of printable St. Patrick’s day tags has two beer mugs with “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” on top of them, and the “To:” and “From:” are also on the front of this design.

Beer Mug St. Patrick's Day tags

Download the beer mug St. Patricks Day tags here.

Other St. Patrick’s Day Printables

You can also get some free printable St Patrick’s day candy bar wrappers here. There are three different sizes to choose from. The first one fit’s over a giant 7 oz Hershey bar. Next, there is one that fits over a standard 1.55 oz Hershey bar. Finally, there is a sheet of 15 miniature candy wrappers that fit over Hershey’s Miniatures.

Get some St. Patrick’s Day wine labels here. You can also attach the gift tags to the neck of the wine bottle for a great St. Patrick’s Day gift.

There are free printable shamrock and four-leaf clover templates here that you can print out and use for crafts, coloring pages or kids’ activities.

You can see all of the free St. Patrick’s Day printables here.

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