Printable Kids’ Placemats

These free printable kids’ placemats make each of these holidays fun for kids. You can print these out at home and put them at the kids’ table where they will love the activities and coloring them. They will keep the kids occupied while waiting for dinner. You can print these out as kids’ activity sheets for each of the holidays as well.  

Printable Kids' Placemats

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Download the Printable Kids Placemats

There are five different placemats for five different holidays. To download them all, enter your email address in the space provided below. Then check your inbox for an email with a link to download the PDF print version of all five pages of holiday placemats for kids. You can then save them to your computer and print them out for each holiday.  

    Printable Kids' Placemats Mockup

    If you want to download an individual kid’s placemat, click the link below the picture of the placemat that you wish to download only that placemat.

    Since I am writing this post at the tail end of August, Halloween is the next holiday coming up where I have a holiday kids placemat. So I’ll start with the Halloween placemat and go on to the other holidays from there.

    Printable Halloween Kids’ Placemat

    This placemat is cute complete with mazes and tic tac toe. There are lots of Halloween items to color and count.  

    Click here to download the printable Halloween kids’ placemat.

    Click here for other free Halloween printables.

    Printable Thanksgiving Kids’ Placemat

    I love this placemat because Thanksgiving dinner is just the perfect place to use it. In my house we usually have a large group for Thanksgiving, so we always have a “kids table.” What better way to keep the kids entertained before Thanksgiving dinner than to have them be able to have fun with these Thanksgiving placemats.

    Click here to download the printable Thanksgiving kids’ placemat.

    Click here for other free Thanksgiving printables.

    Printable Christmas Kids’ Placemat

    Just like Thanksgiving, we usually have a large crowd for Christmas dinner as well. I love the idea of putting these Christmas placemats at the kids table to entertain them and provide fun prior to eating Christmas dinner.

    Click here to download the printable Christmas kids’ placemat.

    Click here for other free Christmas printables.

    Printable St. Patrick’s Day Kids’ Placemat

    This placemat is a fun way to help celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Although, we do not have a big St. Patrick’s Day gathering, I like to use these placemats just to make the day special. Even if you use them for St. Patrick’s Day breakfast rather than dinner, they are a special way to include some festive fun during the holiday.

    Click here to download the printable St. Patrick’s Day kids’ placemat.

    Click here for other free St. Patrick’s Day printables.

    Printable Easter Kids’ Placemat

    If you celebrate Easter, then use this fun printable Easter placemat for either your Easter brunch or your Easter dinner. Kids will love all of the fun activities and coloring they can do with these Easter placemats.

    Click here to download the printable Easter kids’ placemat.

    Click here for other free Easter printables.

    I hope your kids enjoy these free printable kids’ placemats and that they help you to get some much needed time to prepare the holiday meals.

    Now if you are looking for some more permanent place mats, I love these wipeable kids placemats where kids can learn to write numbers and letters, both upper case and lower case. They even come with wipe off markers. You can get a pack of four different learning reusable placemats.

    Please note these printables are for personal use only. You do not have permission to sell them for profit or claim them as your own design.

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    Free Printable Kids' Placemats for Holidays

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