How to Declutter Your Mind

How to Declutter Your Mind

Commonly, most people, especially adults, tend to have a mind full of worries, negative thoughts, or a running to-do list. This can all feel very overwhelming. A cluttered mind is generated mainly due to the stress and tension that you can feel daily caused by any situation or factor. Knowing how to declutter your mind can prove very helpful in our everyday lives.

These situations often occur in working people who must comply with an extensive work schedule every day. However, they can also occur in people who simply care about things that have already happened or have not yet happened.

When I start to have this anxiety and negative thoughts, it is helpful to me to free my mind from everything around me. If you have ever felt this way, read on to see how I declutter my mind and free myself from these negative thoughts.

There are many efficient ways to control our thoughts and release stress from our minds. Below are some of my favorites.

Take Some Time

It may sound obvious, but it is essential. The first thing you should do is take the time to start clearing your mind. That includes taking a break from all the responsibilities that make you feel stressed and focusing only on you. There will be time for you to resume your daily activities again.

You must take time to clear your mind, be calm, and release all the anxiety and worries you have. You do not need to do that for a week. A couple of days or even a few hours are enough to take the breather you need and for your mind to be strengthened again.

Spending time alone outdoors can be a great option to stop thinking about all your worries and enjoy the present more.

Detect the Origin of Your Concerns

Knowing what is causing your stress and analyzing the situations that may cause concern will undoubtedly help you recognize the negative thoughts going through your mind. That way, you will have a better approach when facing them and solving everything.

It is crucial to keep in mind whether the origin of your concerns is based on a real situation or only something fictitious created by your brain. Depending on that, you can analyze them from another perspective and point of view, allowing you to organize the ideas in your head better.

With that in mind, you will recognize the essential aspects that will help you organize your thoughts and eliminate negative ones.

Write Down Everything

Keeping all your worries in your brain can overflow it and be a negative thing for your health. Writing down everything that is happening to you will serve to store all the information that you may need to remember in the future. That may include the following:

  • Concerns.
  • Problems.
  • Situations you’ve been going through.
  • Negative thoughts.
  • Necessary plans in your future.

You can use any tool to write down everything you are thinking about, be it a sheet, notebook, phone notes, etc. However, the most recommended is to use a journal since you can release what you feel more profoundly.

Writing down each aspect in a journal will help you clear and relax your mind while keeping your thoughts organized.

how to declutter your mind

Listen to Music

Music is one of the most potent forms of relaxation. Listening to music will allow you to relax, avoid all your problems, and not think of anything negative. It is an effective method to release the tension and anxiety that you are having.

Perhaps not all sounds and melodies are effective in clearing your mind. However, that will depend on the person’s tastes since some may need to hear only calm and slow songs while others, faster and louder sounds.

In one way or another, taking time to listen to music away from everyone and everything will help you forget about your problems even for a moment.

Stop Doing Many Things at Once

One of the causes of stress and anxiety is the excess of activities and responsibilities that each person has.

These types of people may have an unorganized list. Thus, many of them end up doing several activities while creating a chaotic environment that generates a situation of anxiety that is harmful to a person’s mind.

Keeping an organized schedule with all the activities you must do during the day will reduce mental efforts.

Focusing on one activity at a time will allow you to focus only on it and avoid the mental disorder generated when your head is full of things you must do.

Keep Your Space Organized

Clutter in your home or workspace can undoubtedly stress you out, especially if you are already experiencing certain levels of anxiety.

People who work in a messy space are often less efficient. Clear your desk and all the area around the unnecessary items and put each essential thing in its place.

This process can even be a great exercise to de-stress and relax your mind. It is recommended to do that every day after finishing work. If you experience frequent clutter in your home, you can find out how to declutter your home here.

Make Decisions

Being a decisive person is synonymous with being someone successful in life. This situation not only applies at work but also in your daily life. If you must do something, be it a job, an activity, make a call, or purchase, you should do it without hesitation.

Not postponing decision making in your life, no matter what the situation is, will not only help you not waste time, it will also mean advancement and personal growth.

Not all people can make decisions lightly, and it can be difficult to ignore certain factors. The most important recommendation is to evaluate the pros and cons of the resolution, and once you have made it, do not look back or regret having done it.

Stop Thinking About the Past

This problem is prevalent in people and is one of the most frequent triggers of sadness and anxiety that they may feel.

Your head is a memory box where all those situations you ever experienced are kept stored. That may include:

  • The mistakes you have made.
  • Situations where you think you could have acted differently.
  • Missed opportunities.
  • Regrets.

Analyze all the situations you have experienced that do not let you be calm and eliminate them. You must move forward in life and put aside all those negative and nostalgic thoughts.

Take the time you need to forget about the memories that make you feel bad and keep those worthwhile.

Express your Feelings

Sometimes it can be quite harmful to carry all the worries on your own. A great way to release all that tension is to express everything that you are feeling to someone. Ideally, that person should be a loved one, family member, or close friend.

Expressing the repressed emotions you have can help you feel better and see things from another point of view. That person could also help you in the most challenging moments and give you useful advice to overcome those situations.

Conclusion for how to declutter your mind

To recap, there are several different things you can try to help you to declutter your mind. Some things to try are:

  • Take some time
  • Detect the origin of your concerns
  • Write down everything in a journal
  • Listen to music
  • Stop doing many things at once
  • Keep your space organized
  • Make decisions
  • Stop thinking about the past
  • Express your feelings
9 ways to declutter your mind

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