Baby Shower Checklist with Printable

So you are planning a baby shower.  You don’t want to forget anything.  What you need is a baby shower checklist so you make sure you have all of your bases covered.  When it comes to baby shower planning, there are a lot of things to consider.  You will want to give yourself plenty of time to prepare.  Below you will find all of the things you need to take care of to throw a fabulous baby shower. At the end of the article, you can download a printable copy of the baby shower checklist.

Baby Shower Checklist with Printable

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Before getting into the specifics of the checklist, you can get a free printable baby shower planner that also contains this checklist. The planner has 11 pages that will help you keep track of and keep organized all things surrounding planning a baby shower.

1.  Choose a Theme

First, you will want to consider if the baby shower is going to have a theme.  Consider the guest of honor and determine if a theme is appropriate.  You can even consult with the guest of honor to see if they like the idea of setting a theme for the baby shower and if so, what theme they would choose.

Some common themes for baby showers that you may want to consider:

Woodland Animals

Zoo Animals




Baby Looney Tunes

Girl Power

Rubber Ducky




Bumble Bee

Teddy Bear



Under the Sea



Baby Blocks






Noah’s Ark

All of the cartoon characters.  Is there a Disney movie that was just released and is really popular?  Something such as “Frozen” would make a great theme for a baby shower.

2.  Determine the date and time.

3.  Determine the venue. 

Number 2 and 3 really go hand in hand.  If a certain venue is important to you or the guest of honor, then you may have to set the date and time according to the availability of that venue.  

4.  Create the Guestlist.

You will definitely want to receive input from the guest of honor as to who will be on the guestlist for the baby shower.

5.  Make sure the expectant mother registers with a baby registry. 

This will ensure that she receives all or most of the necessary items that she will need for the new baby’s arrival.  That is after all the whole purpose of throwing a baby shower.

6.  Send out invitations.

Next you will want to choose baby shower invitations and send them out 4-6 weeks in advance of the baby shower.  It is a good idea that you ask the shower guests to RSVP by a certain date so that you know how many people to plan the food, games, and favors for.  There are some adorable invitations to choose from here.

7.  Decide on what baby shower games will be played and prepare for them. 

Do you need any special printouts or items for the games you have selected?  Playing games will make for a fun baby shower.  Below are some popular baby shower game ideas that you might want to play.

What’s in Your Purse – Create a list of common items that someone might carry in their purse.  Then list them off one by one to the guests.  They will add a tally (point) for each item that they have in their purse on a piece of paper.  After the list is complete, the guest with the most points wins.

Who Knows the Expectant Mother the Best? – This is a fun game where you ask questions about the expectant mother to the guests.  The guests then write down their answers to each question on a piece of paper.  You can have the questions pre-printed on the paper or you can just ask them aloud.  After all the questions are finished, you give the answers.  The guest with the most correct answers wins.

The Price is Right – Here you look online at a site like Amazon or Target and determine the price of common baby items such as diapers, baby lotion, diaper cream, baby food, a rattle, a teething ring, a onesie, or whatever you can think of.  You then ask the guests to write down how much they think each item costs and total it all up.  Then you reveal the actual prices that you found for each item and the total for all of them.  The person with the closest total to the actual total wins.  

Don’t forget to have some prizes for the winners of the games!  You can print out the 7 oz baby shower candy bar wrapper here.  Wrap it over some giant 7 oz size Hershey bars and you have a great prize to give out to the winners of the games.

8.  Decide on the baby shower decor. 

If you have a baby shower theme,  then the decorations will follow the theme.  In the event there is no theme, you can have pink or blue balloons if the gender of the baby is known.  If the gender is not known, you can have both pink and blue or yellow and green.  You can also add in streamers to follow your color scheme. 

You can use these free printable baby shower water bottle labels to attach to the water bottles that you serve at the shower.

Add in a baby shower banner and some centerpieces for the tables and your all set.

9.  Determine your baby shower favors. 

My personal favorite for baby shower favors is personalized candy bars.  If you are on a tight budget, you can use this free printable baby shower candy wrapper (the 1.55 oz size) and wrap it over Hershey bars to give as favors.  Everyone loves chocolate so they will love receiving a custom chocolate bar as party favors   Some other ideas for party favors include candles, bath bombs, mini champagne bottles, lip balm, soap, or seed packets.

Use these baby shower favor tags to attach to any homemade treats you might use as favors.

10. Order a baby shower cake or make one yourself. 

If you are a good cake decorator you can make the cake yourself.  Otherwise, make sure to order the baby shower cake in advance.  You want to make sure there is ample time for it to be made.

11.  Determine the menu for the baby shower. 

Will you have finger foods?  Will it be a full meal?  As soon as you determine the guest count from the RSVP’s that you have received you can let the venue know if you are getting the food from there or order the food from a caterer.  If you are preparing the food yourself (with a little help hopefully), you will know how much to make.  

12. Purchase any paper goods or tableware you may need for the shower.

Here are some cute options for paper goods.

13. Purchase any last-minute decor items.

Purchase any last minute decor items that you could not purchase ahead of time such as any flowers or balloons you will decorate with.

14. Decorate for the shower.

15.  Assign someone to take pictures.

Make sure to either assign someone to take pictures during the shower or take them yourself.  You want to make sure to memorialize the occasion for the expectant mom.  

16.  Write down gifts for mom-to-be.

When the gifts are opened at the shower, make sure to write down the gift and the giver for the mom to be so that she can send a thank you note to all of the guests.  This will make it easier for her if she has a list to work from.  

Download the Baby Shower Checklist

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