10 Things to Pack in Your Backpack for the Disney Parks

Things to Pack in Your Backpack for the Disney Parks

We usually pack one backpack for the Disney parks and take turns carrying it.  Really, this is for any amusement park we go to.  The items stay the same.  We just call it  our “park backpack.”  These are the 10 items we are always sure to bring with us in our backpack when we go to an amusement park.

1. Sunscreen

We always try to put this on before we leave the hotel, but chances are you will need to reapply it, so we always just bring the bottle with us.

2. Rain Ponchos

You never know when it is going to rain as we found our while we were miniature golfing in Virginia.  I did not have my ‘park backpack” with me then, but I wish I had.  If you are going to Disney World in the summer, I would say there is a pretty good chance it is going to rain, and you want to be prepared.  Another use you may get out of them is if you are riding a water ride where you know you are going to get wet and you would prefer not to.

3. Small package of baby wipes

You never know when you are going to get sticky hands.  They could come in very handy.

4. Small hand towel

I always pack a small hand towel in case we need to wipe off a seat before sitting after it has rained.  Like I said above, it is probably going to rain at Disney World if you are going during the summer and its best to be prepared for it.  It doesn’t take up much room and you may need it.

5. Water bottles

I always take regular water bottles and put them in the freezer the night before, then pack them in the backpack the morning we are going to the park.  This way they will stay colder longer throughout the day.

6. A couple of small snacks

I like to take some small snacks in case someone gets hungry but we aren’t ready to eat yet. I take snacks such as granola bars or nuts.  Nothing covered in chocolate though, that gets too messy once it gets hot and melts.

7. Portable phone charger

This is nice to have so you do not have to stay in one place to charge your phone.

8. Lip balm

It takes up no room and will protect your lips from sunburn.

9. Gum or mints

I always like to have a pack of tic tacs with me to keep my mouth from getting too dry.

10. Hand-held fans

Ok, we don’t usually put these in the backpack, but we do take them with us.  They are Disney themed battery powered fans that we purchased at the park one year when it was incredibly hot.  You can fill them with ice water that you can drink or spray yourself with and we have saved them and reuse them every time we go to the parks when it is going to be super hot. 

There is a strap on them and the kids just put them around their neck.  Occasionally, they will get sick of carrying them and they end up in the backpack, that is why they are listed here.

A bonus thing you may want to consider putting in you back if you have the room is flip flops so that you can put them on before you ride the rides at the parks where you are most likely to get soaked. It is not fun walking around in wet shoes, and there is a good chance you will develop blisters from doing so. The flip flops don’t weigh much so they aren’t hard to carry in the backpack, but they may take up too much space if you are carrying one backpack for your entire family. They are nice to have though!

That is it!  If you pack the above items in your “park backpack” you will be well prepared and have everything you need to have a great time at any amusement park.  What about you?  What do you pack in your backpack for the parks?  If it isn’t listed here, tell me in the comments!

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10 Things to Pack in Your Backpack for the Disney Parks

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